New Year’s Eve in Mexico: Places to Party

The new year's eve Mexico is almost here.
Are you looking for the best top places in Mexico to celebrate the beginning of the new year?
Do you want to find out why Mexico is the perfect place to experience New Year's eve?
Which are the best options in Mexico to party with the ones you love?
Want to know some hotel and restaurant recommendations?

Keep reading this article and get to know more about New Year's Eve in Mexico. Put on your best shoes and enjoy the last dance!


Why experience New Year’s eve in Mexico?

The excitement of celebrating another year, another opportunity to travel, and making our dreams come true, gives us a lot of satisfaction and happiness.

As New Year’s Eve arrives, we want to celebrate to the fullest the wonder of ending a year with a heart full of precious memories.

For celebrating, Mexico is the country you were looking for. Here, you can find everything.

From places with wonderful forests to spend a mystical New Year around the mountains, to fantastic beaches where you will not stop dancing and singing with its spectacular nightlife.

To live and celebrate New Years’ Eve in Mexico is a marvelous experience due to its landscapes, its spots to go and party, and its extremely delicious food! You won’t regret partying in this colorful, cheering, and party-goer country.

Below are our top best options:


To vacation, and even better, to start off the New Year. Known for its beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, this magical place is one of the cities for experiencing New Year’s Eve in Mexico. 

Some activities to make New Years’ vacations more fun are places such as the Labnaha Ecological Park, the archaeological area of ​​Coba, and the Sian Ka Biosphere Reserve.

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Furthermore, you can explore cenotes and lagoons where you can practice activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Most Tulum beaches offer a paradisiacal landscape. Excellent for those who want to relax in style with family and friends. 

new years eve mexico tulum
Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Equally important, many hotels have their own New Years’ dinners, usually along with your hotel reservation. If you are feeling extra festive, the options for music festivals and concerts are endless. 


Another great option among the cities for New Year’s list is this tropical destination.  One of the traditions for this date is the burning of the Old Man, a doll filled with fireworks that represent the year to say goodbye. The figure lights up when the clock strikes midnight.

There are many options and cities for New Year in Oaxaca. To welcome New Year’s in Huatulco is to have the possibility of practicing activities such as motorcycle rides, water sports, rafting, horseback riding, etc.

Huatulco, Oaxaca
Huatulco, Oaxaca

In addition, families who choose Huatulco to celebrate have a highly recommended option at the Turtle Museum. It offers us the opportunity to get to know an authentic aquarium of marine life and a turtle hatchery.


Taxco is not only the oldest mining center in America, but it is one of the most ideal cities for New Year’s Eve in Mexico. Its precious streets and the square in front of the city’s emblematic parish are the perfect settings to do the final count of the year.

new years eve mexico
Taxco Gro. Tour & Cacahuamilpa Caves

If you are looking for a non-tropical destination in Mexico to spend this holiday, this is it. Only 3 hours away from Mexico City, it is popular for its silver and jewelry production. Moreover, it holds the Church of Santa Prisca, built in the 18th century and distinguished by its style and pink tones. Here you can stay in its central and colonial-built hotels. 


Merida is one of the best cities for New Year celebrations. With a colonial style and great gastronomy, the most popular dish for this holiday is delicious roast turkey with achiote(an orange flower with a spicy taste). For lovers of nature and water activities, Yucatan is the ideal place. The mangroves and rivers allow these experiences to be enjoyed to the fullest. In the same vein, the best part is the cenotes, these beautiful natural wonders full of history and mysticism.

new years eve mexico

There are no excuses to not spend an excellent moment or any time of the year in Yucatan. It is one of the best destinations in Mexico with the highest rates of security in the country.

Los Cabos

In recent years, the New Year’s Eve party at El Médano Beach has positioned itself as one of the best in this destination. Here, there are restaurants, bars, and hotels that offer special menus and shows.  Certainly, Los Cabos is an excellent option among the cities for New Year’s Eve in Mexico.

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This year, there will be two minutes of pyrotechnics and later there will be a special drone performance. All of this will be appreciated from any view of the Médano beach.

new years eve mexico

Los Cabos is one of the most dynamic and multifaceted destinations in Mexico. Regardless of your budget for these dates, starting the New Year in Los Cabos is definitely an unforgettable experience.

Every year, from December, the gray whale sails through the bay. Its presence through these waters enriches any walk with surprising appearances in the middle of the sea for the amazement of all.

Valle de Bravo

Another main option among the cities for New Year’s options near Mexico City is this magical town. Valle de Bravo is a place full of charm, perfect to spend a weekend, and even better, receive another year. Here you will be surprised by fireworks that light up the emblematic lake. Without a doubt, it is a very familiar destination to ring in the New Year in Mexico.

valle de bravo, nature

Los Pericos” is an incredible restaurant located on the Lake, with an enchanting view. They have live music and run a 4-course menu. Furthermore, imagine starting off the year flying like a bird and sailing through the clouds in one of the most popular paragliding destinations in Mexico. A totally worthwhile experience to celebrate this holiday.

Mexico City

Last but certainly not least, this is the top option in the best cities for the New Year list among locals and vacationers. The entertainment offered in this destination is endless and there are activities for every taste and interest.

Every year there are different celebrations that include live music, fireworks, and different shows. To say goodbye to the year, the Mexico City government organized a public concert on Paseo de la Reforma Avenue.

new years eve mexico
Zocalo of Mexico City

On the other hand, another option is going to a restaurant with a view of the city from above to receive the first minutes of the New Year. The dining options are endless. Some venues serve grapes and do the countdown for the full New Year’s celebration experience.

Bonus: Val’Quirico

If you are looking for a medieval experience, you can come to Valquirico. This is a place where you can feel like you are in a fairy tale. Here, there are different restaurants and hotels with a unique Italian Tuscany atmosphere.

valquirico tlaxcala mexico
Photograph by Valquirico (Instagram)

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