Baja California is a place full of wonderful secret treasures. We introduce you to the winners of our award ceremony: Beaches in Baja California Top 7. *Claps sounds in the background* ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ†


Celebrities and people from all over the world have made this place a luxurious and unique place. However, this place still has places that preserve its tradition and virgin beaches. Let’s see some beautiful beaches in Baja California!

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beaches in baja california (cabo)
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

1. Balandra (winner) ๐Ÿฅ‡

The shades of blue in the water, the white sand of the beach, and the shallow depth that characterizes Balandra do justice to its fame. Despite its beauty, many people still don’t know about it.

Do you want to know heaven on earth? Then this is the perfect place for you. Definitely, one of the beaches you must visit in Mexico once in a lifetime.

beaches in baja mexico
Balandra beach in Baja California

2. Tijuana Beaches

In North Baja California, we find the beaches of Tijuana, located in the city of the same name. These blue-water beaches are ideal for meditation, long walks, or exercise. The main attraction is the wall that separates the United States from Mexico.

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tijuana mexico beach
La Joya, Tijuana, Mexico

3. San Felipe Beach

In the state of Baja California, San Felipe Beach offers eco-tourism experiences. All of them are fascinating and memorable.

San Felipe Beach is a popular vacation spot due to its warm waters and soft sand. Indeed, it is a perfect destination for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. The beach is surrounded by restaurants, bars, and shops catering to tourists, making it lively and bustling.

In addition, if you want to experience it like a local, don’t forget to visit the famous boardwalk of San Felipe. Don’t forget the beaches in Baja California are perfect for surfing!

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4. La Bufadora Beach

This natural wonder offers a water spectacle to anyone who visits it. This wild attraction is located in Ensenada, Baja California territory.

La Bufadora Beach is known for its natural wonder, La Bufadora. It is a marine geyser that spouts water up to 30 meters high. The beach offers stunning ocean views and is a great place to relax, swim, and enjoy fresh seafood from nearby restaurants.

It is not only a formidable place surrounded by abundant legends but also a place from where you can contemplate the best landscapes of the area.

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la bufadora beach
Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

5. Turtles Bay (Bahia Tortugas)

This is one of the most mystical beaches in La Paz. The desert landscape of this place is a love letter to the fishing world of Baja California.

Bahia de Tortugas is an enigmatic place full of history, lagoons, gastronomy, and great biodiversity. If you are interested in beaches where you can practice water and land activities, do not hesitate to visit this beautiful place. What are you waiting for? Beaches in La Paz are waiting for you!

beaches in baja mexico
Admiring little turtles

6. La Negrita Beach

La Negrita Beach is a picturesque destination located in Baja California, Mexico. This place is perfect for relaxation and water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and surfing. Furthermore, the tranquil surroundings of this beach, attract nature lovers seeking a serene escape from the city.

This beach is a landing place for Loreto’s fishermen. It is ideal for strolling and enjoying sunrises and sunsets. Also, it is popular among residents and tourists to walk with their pets.

beaches in baja mexico
Take your best friend with you!

7. Ensenada Blanca

This beach is located in Loreto, South Baja California. It has beautiful beaches and rock formations. In the distance, you can see some islets populated by seabirds. Camping is the main attraction of this site. This place is a deep look at the tranquility that is breathed next to nature.

It is a spectacle of peace and harmony where you can also appreciate the most breathtaking views. Its crystal clear waters, teeming with tropical fish, are waiting for the adventurous to come and explore under the sea.

beaches in mexico to visit (ensenada)
Photograph by (Instagram)

Honorific Mention: Playa La Ventana

La Ventana is a small town 40 minutes away from La Paz. It has this name because it is an area where it is windy (in English, it means window). That is why, in the last few years, it has become one of the favorites for kitesurfing destinations around the world.

Its warm weather makes it perfect for a fantastic moment while staring at the gorgeous paradise you were always looking for. Furthermore, different attractions, beaches, and bays surround this amazing place!

beaches in baja californa (la paz)
Photograph by laventanabajasur (Instagram)

Baja California’s Importance in Mexico

In Mexico, one of the most amazing things the country offers is its splendorous beaches. Some people believe that beaches in Mexico are a gift straight from God. Definitely, it can be true due to the magnificence of the color of the ocean, the weather, the wildlife, and their history.

Baja California weather lets us experience wonderful times with Mother Nature. You can travel by camel, watch the stunning whales, and appreciate the beautiful landscapes that this place offers.

beaches in baja california  (la paz)
La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mรฉxico

Why visit any of the beaches in Baja California, at least once in a lifetime?

Baja California is more than a tourist place, is a very important part of Mexican history. Beaches in La Paz, in Tijuana, it doesn’t matter, you will adore them.

The Baja California peninsula has enormous tourism potential within Mexico. It has a strategic geographic location and peculiar characteristics of its geological development. People have started to appreciate nature and peace by looking at the wonders of Baja California.

Mexican beaches are almost a religious experience. They are something that may introduce you to what heaven looks like. You don’t believe us? Come and live it for yourself!

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Finally, comment below which beaches in Baja California, you have ever been to and which one is missing. Which one would be your winner?