Post-Covid 19 Measures

Anthropology Museum Mexico City Tour
Selfie at the Anthropology Museum in Mexico City

Understanding continuously present risks associated with COVID-19 pandemics and being willing to keep both travelers and our team healthy, Vibe Adventures introduced internal health & safety guidelines that are enforced on all our tours until such measures are lifted by authorities of each destination and/or pandemic situation gets completely resolved worldwide. Those guidelines are based on official recommendations and protocols from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and among others include the following measures:

Education & Training:

  • regular training & education of the staff (Tour Leaders, drivers, crew) and suppliers (accommodations, restaurants, experience providers, etc.) on the importance of COVID-related health & safety measures;
  • promotion of the importance of hand hygiene & other COVID-related health & safety measures to travelers through signage, oral instructions, and online materials;
  • contracting only suppliers that responsibly implement COVID-related health & safety protocols recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and local authorities.

Hand Hygiene:

  • mandatory application of antibacterial gel (70% alcohol) by everyone entering the vehicle that is used for transportation during the tour;
  • implementing a mandatory hand-hygiene policy that requires regularly scheduled use of hand sanitizer and washing hands with soap by the staff during the tour, especially after touching objects in public areas (e.g. handrails, doors, money, mobile phones, etc.).


  • mandatory use of face masks or other protecting items (e.g. scarfs, kerchiefs, or bandanas) covering the nose, chin & mouth by both travelers & staff in all public areas (especially in confined environments such as public transport, shops, markets, museums, lobbies of hotels, etc.);
  • the use of the mask is not mandatory in private areas (e.g. hotel rooms) and while having meals & drinks.


  • mandatory daily sanitation of the vehicles used for transportation of travelers by the staff, especially of handles, doors, seats, and other frequently-touched surfaces;
  • use of cleaning and disinfecting products that are approved by local & international health authorities;
  • regular audit of our suppliers on their cleanliness & sanitation protocols.

Physical distancing:

  • mandatory social distance of at least 1.5 m (~5 feet) by both travelers & staff throughout the tour.

Please remember: only mutual assistance & support can put an end to this borderless pandemic and help us protect the health of ourselves, our families & colleagues. Thanks in advance for your understanding & cooperation.