Food in Los Cabos: Exploring Street Eats and Hidden Gems

Are you planning your trip to Los Cabos and you are foodie?

What is the typical food in Los Cabos?
Want to know the local street food?
Where are the hidden gems to try food in Los Cabos?
Which beaches have the best food?

Get ready to taste the local flavors that make food in Los Cabos special. Experience the yummy flavors of Baja in every bite!


Typical food in Los Cabos

🍽️ Discover some popular food in Los Cabos and in the whole of Southern California (Baja California Sur) 🌮🦐

food in los cabos
Traditional burrito

1️⃣ Chimangos: what a curious word, isn’t it? “chimangos” typically refer to a local dish made with shrimp, bacon, cheese, and other ingredients, often served in tacos or as a main course.

2️⃣ Beef Machaca Burritos: Originating from northern Mexico, these burritos have beef machaca, a slice of salted and shredded meat accompanied by chili, onion, and tomato. Don’t forget that the flour tortilla in Cabo and most of northern Mexico is an indispensable part of their gastronomy!

3️⃣ Butter Lobster: A gourmet dish prepared with fresh lobsters, garlic, salt, pepper, and butter, highlighting the quality of the crustacean meat.

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4️⃣ Talega Coffee: For coffee addicts like me! Talega coffee in Los Cabos and the whole of Baja California Sur refers to locally brewed coffee served in a “talega,” a traditional cloth bag, providing a unique and authentic coffee-drinking experience in the region.

5️⃣ Lion’s Paw Clam Ceviche (Almeja garra de León): A true delicacy for its texture and flavor. The main ingredient of this ceviche is the lion’s paw clam callos, a large and circular species typical of the lagoons of Baja California Sur.

6️⃣ Roasted ‘Chocolata’ Clams: A gastronomic symbol of the region, people prepare them in various ways. They have a unique flavor and association with the Chocolata Clam Festival in Loreto.

7️⃣ Sweet-bean empanadas: Sweet-bean empanadas are a popular food in Los Cabos and in Baja California Sur. These are traditional pastries filled with sweetened beans, often flavored with cinnamon or vanilla, offering a delightful blend of sweetness and warmth.

8️⃣ Baja California Style Capirotada: A popular sweet in central and northern Mexico, made with bread, raisins, fruits, and cheese sweetened with piloncillo, perfect to accompany a hot coffee.

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Taste the best clams in Baja California

Street food

In Los Cabos, street food is a big part of the local food scene. You’ll see lots of taco stands and food carts selling tasty snacks all over the place. Tacos are the most popular choice, with all kinds of flavors like al pastor or fish tacos. They’re usually served with lime and cilantro, giving them a real Mexican taste. People love them because they’re delicious and don’t cost much, so they’re a hit with both locals and tourists.

You can’t miss the delicious smell of grilled seafood when talking about street food in Los Cabos. Near the water and in colorful markets, vendors cook up all sorts of seafood treats like ceviche, shrimp cocktails, and grilled fish on sticks. These tasty dishes bring the ocean vibe right to your taste buds, perfect for seafood lovers.

When you check out the street food in Los Cabos, it’s not just about tasty eats; it’s also a chance to dive into the local culture. As you stroll through the markets and streets, you’ll meet cheerful vendors who love sharing their food and customs. Los Cabos street food is all about local ingredients, cooking skills, and the local and cool vibe of Mexican food.

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Ceviche in Los Cabos

Hidden gems

Among the hidden gems to try delicious food in Los Cabos, is “La Esquina Choyera,” where you can enjoy delicious machaca burritos and tied tamales at affordable prices. Another must-visit place is El Campestre,” which offers an authentic and affordable culinary experience away from tourist areas.

Away from the busy tourist areas,

there are some great places to eat waiting to be found. One of these spots is “La Lupita,” a simple taco stand hidden in a quiet part of Cabo San Lucas. Locals and travelers who know their way around come here to enjoy some of the tastiest tacos in the area.

They’ve got all sorts of tacos, from juicy carne asada to delicious shrimp, each one bursting with flavor. They use fresh, local ingredients and serve them up with homemade sauces that pack a punch.


There’s another awesome hidden food spot in Los Cabos called “El Farallon.” It’s a restaurant right by the ocean, tucked away on the rocky coast of Pedregal. Sitting up high on the cliffs, you get the most amazing views of the Pacific Ocean while you eat. And the food? It’s top-notch, especially the seafood dishes. El Farallon has a super romantic vibe, making it the perfect place for a special food in Los Cabos experience you won’t forget.

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Admire stunning landscapes

Beaches that have the best food in Los Cabos

El Medano Beach (Cabo San Lucas) 🏖️ 

This beach is well-known for its fun and exciting vibe. There are many beach clubs and places to eat at this beach. Some of the top spots to get food are The Office on the Beach, Mango Deck, and Baja Brewing Company.

Santa Maria Beach (Cabo San Lucas) 😎

This pretty beach has lots of relaxed restaurants and food trucks. They serve tasty Mexican food like tacos, ceviche, and fresh fish and seafood.

Chileno Beach (Cabo San Lucas) 🌴

This beach is not as famous as some others, but locals love it. It has a relaxing feel and really good seafood restaurants.

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Arch of Cabo San Lucas


Los Cabos is a great place for foodies. There are many different places to eat, from simple street food to fancy restaurants at resorts. The street food is especially good and you should not miss it. There are taco stands selling crispy tacos al pastor and carts making sweet stuffed marquesita crepes. The streets have lots of vendors selling tasty, real Mexican food for low prices. Be brave and go to the places where you smell good food and see locals lining up – that’s where the best casual eats are.

Besides the great street food, Los Cabos also has lots of fantastic small restaurants that are not in the main tourist areas. Ask locals for suggestions and you might find amazing little hidden places. Some are family-run fondas serving homemade Mexican food and others are unique fusion restaurants. If you are open to trying new things and willing to explore, you can find some of the best flavors in places tucked away from the typical tourist spots. The food in Los Cabos has something tasty for all different tastes and budgets.

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