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The markets in Mexico City have some of the best food and souvenirs of all the attractions.
Do you want to know the markets in Mexico City's history?
Wonder which are some of the top 10 markets in Mexico City?

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Markets in Mexico City Intro

The markets in Mexico City have some of the best food and souvenirs of all the attractions. For anyone who’s ever visited this place, it’s difficult to imagine it without these pieces of taste and aromas. Later on, you will be able to learn more about our must-visit list of the most iconic markets in Mexico City.

Markets in Mexico City History

Since ancient times, in the old Tenochtitlan, markets were a pretty important part of the Mexicas economy. In fact, most Mesoamerican communities had these markets due to the trade exchange that was very popular at that time.

There were also markets specialized in certain products, such as the salt market in the Atenantitlan neighborhood, the dog market in Acolman, and the slave markets in Azcapotzalco and Iztocan.

Today, in the 21st century, almost every market has an altar with an image of the Virgin or Christ; this religiosity has old roots that go beyond the Catholic tradition since the pre-Hispanic people also placed altars there to honor their gods. When the Spaniards arrived, they were fascinated by the vision offered by the native markets, which were open-air, or tianguis.”

Information from Mexico’s City Government Website.

markets in mexico city
Vendors often say “marchante or marchanta” to ladies who go to the market to buy fruits and vegetables.

The markets in Mexico have an interesting history which is full of culture and ancient traditions. This will make you understand why you have to explore markets if you really want to dive deeply into the culture of Mexico.

As locals, we can share with you the best markets for authentically experiencing Mexico City. Some of our options are based on what we have visited, tasted, and bought. Definitely, markets in Mexico City are something unique you need to experience once in a lifetime.

1. Mercado de Coyoacan (Food)

The food market in Coyoacan is one of the must-visit markets in Mexico City. The first intent to make this market was a “tianguis” located in Hidalgo Garden near the most important church of the zone and three blocks to the south of the current establishment.

Then, in 1912 it was moved to the block of the front because of the building of the train rails. Finally, during the 50s, due to the growth of the market, it was moved to its current location in the street Ignacio Allende.

How to get to the Coyoacan Food Market?

The fastest way to get there is by subway, the closest station is Viveros in line 3, then you walk a couple of blocks and that´s it.

Coyoacan Market is famous for its delicious seafood with a variety of tostadas, ceviche, and seafood cocktails. Try them yourself accompanied by fruit water (“agua de sabor”) and fresh juices. One of the best food markets in Mexico City so far!

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Things you can buy in the Coyoacan Food Market:

  • Street food.
  • Traditional food.
  • Deserts.
  • Fruits, juices, and vegetables.
  • Ingredients to prepare your own food.

Highlight: You can buy giant and delicious quesadillas!

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Coyoacan Food Market

2. Mercado de Coyoacan (handicrafts)

In this place, tradition and new proposals are combined to preserve the creativity of products made by Mexican hands.

It consists of two levels, in the first you can find painting workshops, stained glass windows, weaving, and even ‘alebrijes‘ (brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures). In addition, you can find typical accessories and sweets, perfect souvenirs right?. On the second floor, you will find original products created mostly by young entrepreneurs that are ideal for a gift or decoration.

How to get to the Coyoacan Handicrafts Market?

Again the fastest way to get there is by subway, the closest station is Viveros in line 3, then you cross the park and walk three blocks more to get there.

What can you buy in the Coyoacan Handicrafts Market?

  • Alebrijes.
  • Wood toys.
  • A draw-pencil portrait of yourself.
  • False tattoos (henna tattoos).
  • Customized souvenirs.

Highlight: A great variety of souvenirs at a cheap price.

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Pottery in Coyoacan Handicrafts Market

3. Mercado de Xochimilco

This is one giant market that is the size of an average town. Here, you can find all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits and dozens of local food stalls. In addition, there you can try traditional soups, cacti salads, and fried spicy grasshoppers (“chapulines“). This is why Xochimilco is one of the must-visit markets in Mexico City. Here, you will find out about one of the best food markets in Mexico City.

How to get to the Xochimilco Market?

The fastest and best option is always by car. Nevertheless, the cheapest option is to take the Taxqueña subway terminal (Line 2) and transfer to the Tren Ligero (Light train), which arrives at the Xochimilco Terminal station. From there, it is only a matter of walking a few blocks to the center of Xochimilco. Don’t hesitate to ask the locals for the best options of dishes to try.

What can you buy in the Xochimilco Market?

  • Plants and flowers.
  • Pottery pieces.
  • Souvenirs.
  • Souvenir t-shirts.

Highlight: Try some quesadillas, tlacoyos, and more antojitos with some delicious and exotic chapulines.

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Food from the market of Xochimilco

4. Mercado de Sonora

If you are really into witchcraft, voodoo, magic, and some ancient rituals, you must visit this curious market. Here, you can find items to do some witchcraft work or magic rituals.

Currently, animal advocates are trying to eliminate the sale of different species in this market. The Sonora Market has become very popular for selling exotic animals; however, they have sought to eradicate this practice over time.

In addition, you can find thousands of herbs and plants that can not only help you to do some spells but can also cure you of stress, stomach pain, cramps, and other things. Do you dare to explore it? 💀

How to get to the Sonora Market?

Indeed, the fastest, quickest, and most economical way to get to the Sonora Market is by subway. There are two stations near this famous market, La Merced and Fray Servando. Both are close to this iconic place, although you will have to walk a few meters to get there.

What can you buy in the Sonora Market?

  • Spices.
  • Herbal articles.
  • Religious articles.
  • Mystical products for magic.
  • Exotic foods.

Highlight: A great variety of curious, unique, and magical souvenirs at an affordable price.

Ocultism and esoterism section in Sonora Market

5. Mercado de San Juan

Surely, this bit of upscale food market is especially famous for tasting local cheeses and meats. You will see lovely wooden tables right between the rows.

All of them with vegetables and fish. If you come there, order a mixed plate of Mexican cheeses and smoked meats. Also, this “package” includes several glasses of local wine and a fresh baguette.

If you are a foodie lover, this market will blow your mind with everything you may see here. Nevertheless, it is never too late to try something new. Fancy some insects or other exotic meals? Then, Mercado de San Juan will be waiting for extreme adventurers and foodie lovers just like you.

How to get to the San Juan Market?

Its proximity to Mexico City’s downtown makes it very easy to reach.
For instance, you can get off at the Juarez Metrobus station and walk straight ahead on the street of Ayuntamiento until you reach a small park. From there, just walk to the right, and on the corner, you will see the market.

You can also get off at either the Balderas or Juarez subway station and take a taxi, as it is very close to these two stations. However, you have to walk a little further.

What can you buy in the San Juan Market?

  • Exotic meat and dishes.
  • Coffee from different countries.
  • Gourmet food.
  • International vegetables, fruits, and cheeses.

Highlight: Taste the famous serrano ham tapas and insects such as scorpions, chapulines, tarantulas, etc.

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San Juan Market

6. Mercado de Artesanias “La Ciudadela”

In this market, you can find what you need to take as a souvenir for your boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, relatives, etc. Here lays the essence of Mexican color and folklore in its maximum expression. You will find articles from pre-Hispanic to more modern items such as t-shirts, religious articles, wrestlers’ masks, and rugs, among other things. All of these items are 100% made by Mexican artisans!

How to get to the Ciudadela Market?

You have to go to Balderas subway station. Once there, you have to walk to the central part of the Ciudadela main square. There, you will see local records and book stands. In front, you will see the entrance to the Ciudadela Market.

What can you buy in the Ciudadela Market?

  • Wrestlers’ masks.
  • Mariachi’s hats.
  • Handicrafts.
  • T-shirts.
  • Customized souvenirs.
  • Wood toys.

Highlight: Buy some bags, dresses, or shirts made by local artists.

7. Mercado de la Merced

It is considered the largest market in Latin America, with its nave of four hundred meters long and more than three thousand stalls, it supplied for many years not only the capital but the whole country.

The variety of products that you can see and buy in this place is wide, as you walk through its aisles you will understand the Mexican culture that revolves around the markets. Every part surrounding this emblematic place is full of mysteries, curiosities, and a lot of Mexican history.

How to get to the Merced Market?

The easiest route is that once you are in the Historic Center of Mexico City, you should go to the Pino Suarez subway station. Then, take the metro in the pink line direction towards Pantitlan and get off at the next station, which is La Merced.

What can you buy in the Merced Market?

  • Mexican toys.
  • Typical Mexican sweets.
  • Spices.
  • Fruits, vegetables, and typical Mexican foods.
  • Antiques.

Highlight: Visit and take some pictures around the market. Especially, in the locals where people sell toys, candies, and spices.

Iconic Mexican Golden Age Actress Elsa Aguirre in La Merced, photograph by mexicoretro (Instagram)

8. Mercado de Jamaica

Entering the Jamaica Market is a visual and olfactory experience: the vivid colors of the flowers, the whimsical shapes of the arrangements, and the aromas blend to generate a unique experience. Furthermore, you can see piñatas and many other lovely colorful things that make this market one of the most special in all of Mexico City.

Currently, the market is home to nearly five thousand flower producers from Puebla, Veracruz, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Morelos, State of Mexico, Michoacan, and, of course, Xochimilco, distributed in its more than one thousand stores.

This market is associated with Mexican tradition due to the thousands of colors you can perceive, textures, and the pure essence of many of the Mexican states full of color and tradition.

How to get to the Jamaica Market?

Also, in this case, once you are in the Historic Center of Mexico City, you should go to the Pino Suarez subway station. Then, take the metro in the pink line direction towards Pantitlan and get off at the Candelaria station.

Once in Candelaria station, get off and go to line 4 (color turquoise), and go towards Santa Anita’s direction. From the Calendaria station, after the Fray Servando station, there will be the Jamaica subway station.

What can you buy in the Jamaica Market?

Highlight: If you visit Mexico City to celebrate the Day of the Dead, visit this market and admire the incredible altars and stands full of Cempoalxochitl flowers.

If you visit Mexico City for Christmas, visit the market and admire the Nochebuena flowers and piñatas everywhere!

markets in mexico mercado de jamaica
Photograph by Isaac Jero (Instagram)

9. Central de Abasto

If we are talking about markets, we have to close with the biggest market in the whole wide world: Central de Abasto.

From Iztapalapa to the world, this market was inaugurated in November 1982 to replace the old Merced Market. Since then, this large market has fed 20 million people and generated 70 thousand direct jobs. Curiously, there is urban art in this market, and there are lovely and colorful walls that portray the Mexican magic you can smell and taste in this incredible place.

The fact that food from distant parts of the Mexican Republic is concentrated and distributed in Mexico City is nothing new. Let’s remember that in pre-Hispanic times the Tlatelolco Market was the largest in the entire continent.

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The history that surrounds this place is truly amazing and interesting. If you are into Mexican culture, visiting it will be something that you will adore to experience in your life. Come and see it with your own eyes!

How to get to the Central de Abasto?

Cerro de la Estrella subway station is the closest station to Central de Abasto. However, as a tourist, we recommend you go directly by car or with a local guide who can guide you better.

What can you buy in Central de Abastos?

  • Fruit.
  • Vegetables.
  • All kinds of food.
  • Mexican food and Mexican antojitos.
  • Typical Mexican sweets.
  • Spices.

Highlight: Buy some local food at incredibly cheap prices.

markets in mexico central de abastos
Photograph by cdeabastocdmx (Instagram)

10. Mercado de la Lagunilla

Finally, we want to share with you one of the most popular markets in Mexico City: The Lagunilla Market. This market shows the popular essence of Mexico City, its art, history, and folklore. By the mid-XX century, the market area was overflowing and like the Merced Market, it was necessary to relocate it to a new building. In this case, it was not only one building but four.

They were distributed as follows: Market 1 Lagunilla Clothing and Fabrics, Market 2 Lagunilla Zone, Market 3 Lagunilla Miscellaneous, and Market 4 Lagunilla-San Camilito which specializes in food. You can find delicious food, antiques, accessories, clothes, and the famous licuachelas (prepared beer in a blender).

We are sure that once you visit this market, you will be able to say that you truly explored Mexico City like a local. Check out our post: What is a Michelada: Mexico’s Iconic Beer Mix.

How to get to Lagunilla Market?

This incredible market is located in the famous Mexican neighborhood of Tepito. Therefore, we recommend that as a tourist, you go accompanied by a local guide who can better orient you.

If you decide to go by public transportation, the fastest and cheapest way is the Metrobus Reforma. From there, you go towards Indios Verdes or Buenavista direction.

Once you arrive at Buenavista station, you get off and walk towards the Buenavista subway that is near the Buenavista mall. Now that you are at the subway, get inside the train and get off at Lagunilla station. From there, you will be able to see local stalls and feel the amazing atmosphere of a Mexico City market.

What can you buy in Lagunilla Market?

  • Clothes.
  • Souvenirs.
  • Antiques.
  • International food.
  • Mexican food.
  • Customizable souvenirs.
  • Get your hair cut in some curious little locals.

Highlight: Purchase various antique artifacts and relics from many parts of the world!

markets in mexico city

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Finally, it’s your turn now. Have you been to any of the markets in Mexico City? Is there any particular market you liked most of all?

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