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Let’s explore the best outdoor activities this charming town has to offer!

Where is Tepoztlan and How to Get There? 🗺️

Las Estacas (Tepoztlan)
Feel the Local Vibes of this Magical Town

Location of Tepoztlan:

Tepoztlan is a magical town located in the state of Morelos, Mexico. Located in the heart of the country, it is approximately 50 kilometers (31 miles) south of Mexico City. The town is known for its picturesque landscapes, colorful markets, and spiritual significance.

How to Get to Tepoztlan:

  1. From Mexico City:

By Car: The most common way to reach Tepoztlan from Mexico City is by car.

Take the Autopista Mexico-Cuernavaca (Mexico-Cuernavaca Highway) and then follow the signs to Tepoztlan. The journey takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic.

By Bus: Several bus companies operate routes from Mexico City to Tepoztlan. Buses depart from various terminals in Mexico City, such as Taxqueña or Terminal de Autobuses de Pasajeros de Oriente (TAPO). The bus journey typically takes around 2 to 2.5 hours.

  1. From Cuernavaca:

By Car: If you’re coming from Cuernavaca, Tepoztlan is just a short drive away. Take the Autopista Mexico-Cuernavaca, and then follow the signs to Tepoztlan. The journey usually takes less than an hour.

By Bus: Buses also run from Cuernavaca to Tepoztlan, offering a convenient option for those without private transportation.

  1. By Air:

The nearest major airport is Mexico City International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez), which is well-connected to major cities worldwide. From the airport, you can follow the road or take a bus to Tepoztlan.

Local Transportation:

Once in Tepoztlan, the town is easily explored on foot. Taxis and local buses are also available for short-distance travel within the town and its surrounding areas. Many attractions, markets, and restaurants are within walking distance of the central part of Tepoztlan.

Travel Tips:

Check the local bus schedules and routes, especially if you plan to use public transportation. Consider renting a car if you prefer flexibility in your travel schedule and want to explore nearby attractions.

Tepoztlan’s popularity, particularly on weekends, may lead to traffic congestion, so plan accordingly. The journey to Tepoztlan is part of the adventure, offering glimpses of Mexico’s diverse landscapes and cultural richness.

Hiking in the Clouds ⛰️

The Tepozteco Landscape

Tepoztlan has lots of green scenery and hills that are great for people who like hiking. Put on your shoes and go for a walk on the paths that take you to the famous Tepozteco Pyramid.

The trek may be a bit steep, but the breathtaking views of the town below are well worth the effort. It’s like walking on clouds as you reach the summit, where the ancient pyramid awaits. Check out these places for where to go on a hike:

Tepozteco Pyramid:

Description: The hike to the Tepozteco Pyramid is a classic and iconic trail in Tepoztlan. The trail takes you through lush vegetation and ancient stone steps, offering panoramic views of the town and surrounding landscapes at the summit.

Cost: There might be a small entrance fee to access the archaeological site at the top of the trail. The fee is usually nominal, and it helps support the conservation of the site.

Amatlán Hike:

Description: The Amatlán area has beautiful paths that go through the countryside and give you amazing views of the valley. It’s not as busy as the Tepozteco Pyramid, so you can enjoy a calm hiking trip there.

Cost: Hiking in the Amatlán area is often free, as these trails are part of the natural landscape. However, consider checking with local guides or authorities for any specific regulations or updated information.

La Quebrada Trail:

Description: La Quebrada offers a moderately challenging trail that takes you through rocky terrain and dense vegetation. The reward is stunning views of Tepoztlan and its surrounding mountains.

Cost: Similar to Amatlán, La Quebrada is often accessible without a specific fee. Ensure you respect the natural environment and adhere to any local guidelines.

General Tips:

  • Guided Tours: If you want to learn more about plants, animals, and the history of the area, it’s a good idea to hire a local guide. They can make your hike safer and more interesting, especially if you’re not familiar with the area.
  • Check Conditions: Before you start your hike, make sure to see what the weather’s like and if the trails are okay to use. If it’s raining, the paths might get slippery, so it’s really important to be safe.
  • Comfortable Attire: Wear comfortable hiking shoes, bring a hat, and sunscreen, and carry sufficient water to stay hydrated.
  • Respect Nature: Tepoztlan takes pride in its natural beauty, so be sure to follow Leave No Trace principles, respecting the environment and wildlife.

Cost Considerations:

Most of the zones we mentioned are free but you can give a voluntary tip. Remember that fees and conditions may change, so it’s a good idea to verify the current situation and any associated costs with local sources before planning your hike in Tepoztlan.

Market Strolls and Picnics 🍉

Have a stroll admiring handicrafts and more

Walk around Tepoztlan’s busy markets where you can see what local artists make. Buy some tasty fruits, snacks, and handmade things, then go to a pretty park in town for a nice picnic. Sit in the sun, try the local food, and enjoy the lively feeling that makes Tepoztlan special.

Mercado Artesanal El Tepozteco:

Market Stroll: Start your market walk at Mercado Artesanal El Tepozteco, a lively market where artists sell their creations. Look around at the booths full of handmade things like crafts, clothes, pottery, and paintings. Talk to the friendly sellers, many of whom are artists too, which makes your visit more personal.

Picnic: After your market exploration, purchase fresh fruits, snacks, and perhaps some local cheeses or handmade tortillas from the market. Head to a nearby green space, such as Parque Benito Juarez, and spread out for a nice picnic.

Location: Mercado Artesanal El Tepozteco is located in the heart of Tepoztlan, near the main square, Plaza de la Constitución.

Mercado de Tepoztlan:

Market Stroll: Mercado de Tepoztlan is the town’s main market, offering a mix of fresh produce, local spices, traditional clothing, and more. It’s a busy spot where you can come to shop and enjoy the real feeling of the place.

Picnic: Explore the market for fresh fruits, bread, and local delicacies. Once you’ve gathered your picnic supplies, head to the nearby Ex-Convento de la Natividad, a historical site with spacious grounds where you can enjoy and have a delicious picnic.

Location: Mercado de Tepoztlan is located close to the main square, Plaza de la Constitución, making it convenient for a combined market stroll and picnic.

Cost Considerations:

Market Stroll: Exploring the markets is generally free, and you can browse the stalls without any entrance fees.

Picnic: The cost of your picnic will depend on your preferences and purchases. Local fruits, snacks, and artisanal products are often reasonably priced. Additionally, many public spaces for picnics, like Parque Benito Juarez or the grounds near the Ex-Convento de la Natividad, are open to the public at no cost.

Additional Tips:

  • Consider bringing a blanket for your picnic comfort.
    Engage with local vendors and artisans, as they often have fascinating stories to share.
  • Be mindful of waste and dispose of any trash responsibly to help maintain the cleanliness of the public spaces.

Riverside Serenity 🏞️

Enjoy Las Estacas Nature

For a peaceful time, go by the river and listen to the beautiful sounds of the water and nature. There are lots of nice spots by the river where you can have a quiet picnic, watch birds, or just relax by the water. Tepoztlan’s rivers are perfect if you want to chill out in nature.

The closest lagoon and waterfalls near Tepoztlan are:

  1. Lagoon: Laguna de Zempoala

Location: Laguna de Zempoala is located in the state of Morelos, not far from Tepoztlan. It is part of the Zempoala National Park.

Distance from Tepoztlan: Approximately 60 kilometers (37 miles) northeast of Tepoztlan.

Cost: The entrance fee to Zempoala National Park is typically nominal, and there may be additional parking fees.

  1. Waterfalls: Las Estacas Natural Park

Location: Las Estacas Natural Park is known for its crystal-clear river and waterfalls. It is situated in the state of Morelos, near Tepoztlan.

Distance from Tepoztlan: Approximately 40 kilometers (25 miles) southeast of Tepoztlan.

Cost: Las Estacas Natural Park usually has an entrance fee, and the cost may vary based on factors such as whether you visit on a weekday or weekend. Additional fees might apply for activities like snorkeling or zip-lining.

Important Notes:

Confirm the current entrance fees and any additional costs by checking with the respective parks or natural areas. Entrance fees can change, and it’s always a good idea to get the most up-to-date information.

Both Laguna de Zempoala and Las Estacas Natural Park offer opportunities for outdoor activities, such as swimming and hiking. Consider checking the specific rules and regulations of each site before planning your visit.

As travel information can change, it’s recommended to verify the current status, accessibility, and any costs associated with visiting these natural attractions by contacting local authorities or checking the official websites of the parks.

Yoga Retreats in Nature 🧘

Tepoztlan is known for its holistic atmosphere, making it a treasure for yoga enthusiasts.

Try joining a yoga retreat in town where teachers help you do yoga outside in nature. You can relax and find peace by breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the calmness of Tepoztlan’s natural beauty.

Here are some places where you can practice yoga in Tepoztlan, along with information about their locations and potential costs:

Yogashala Tepoztlan:

Location: Calle Revolucion 29, Barrio de San Miguel, Tepoztlan.
Cost: Yoga class prices can vary. It’s advisable to check with Yogashala directly for their current rates and any special packages.

Amatierra Retreat and Wellness Center:

Location: Amatierra is located just outside of Tepoztlan, amid nature. Cost: Amatierra offers yoga retreats and wellness packages. Prices may vary based on the duration and specific offerings of the retreat.

For drop-in classes or specific yoga sessions, it’s recommended to contact Amatierra for pricing details.

Casa Azul Yoga:

Location: Callejon del Socorro #3, Barrio Santa Cruz, Tepoztlan.
Cost: Casa Azul Yoga provides various class options, including drop-in classes and packages.

Costs can vary, so it’s best to inquire directly with Casa Azul Yoga for current rates.

Posada del Tepozteco:

Location: Posada del Tepozteco is not only a historic hotel but also offers yoga classes.
Cost: For guests staying at Posada del Tepozteco, yoga classes may be included as part of the accommodation package. For non-guests, there might be a separate fee for participating in the classes.

Yoga en Tepoztlan:

Location: Calle Pericón #21, Barrio San Jose, Tepoztlan.
Cost: Yoga en Tepoztlan offers various classes and workshops. Prices may vary, and it’s recommended to contact them directly for current rates.


  • Many yoga studios in Tepoztlan offer different types of classes, including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini. Check with each studio to find the style that aligns with your preferences.
  • Some places may offer drop-in classes, while others may have package deals or monthly memberships.
  • Confirm class schedules and availability, especially if you plan to drop in for a session, as schedules may be subject to change.

Exploring Hidden Caves 🤠

Explore hidden gems

If you’re feeling adventurous, Tepoztlan has some cool caves to explore underground. Each cave is different and interesting in its way. You can go on guided tours to make sure you stay safe and have a fun time exploring the hidden wonders of Tepoztlan.

Tepoztlan is known for its unique and mysterious caves. While not all caves may be easily accessible or open to the public, one example is:

Cueva del Tepozteco (Tepozteco Cave):

Location: The Cueva del Tepozteco is located on the slopes of the Tepozteco Mountain, near the town of Tepoztlan. To reach the cave, one typically needs to hike to the Tepozteco Pyramid and then continue on the trail that leads to the cave.

Cost: There might be a nominal entrance fee to access the archaeological site around the Tepozteco Pyramid, which includes the trail to the cave. The fee contributes to the conservation of the site.

Important Notes:

While the Cueva del Tepozteco is a well-known cave in the area, exploring caves in general may require careful consideration of safety measures and local regulations.

It’s essential to respect the natural and cultural significance of the caves. Some caves may be protected, and access could be restricted to prevent environmental impact or damage to archaeological sites.


  • Consider hiring a local guide if you plan to explore caves, as they can provide valuable insights, ensure safety, and help you navigate the terrain.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for cave exploration, as conditions may vary.

Since information can change, it’s advisable to check with local authorities or information centers in Tepoztlan for the latest details on cave accessibility, regulations, and any associated costs. Additionally, inquire about guided tours or local experts who can provide a safe and informative cave exploration experience.

Horseback Riding Adventures 🐴

Giddy up! Get ready for a fun horse ride through Tepoztlan’s pretty trails. Even if you’ve never ridden before, local guides will give you nice horses and take you on a beautiful trip, so you can see Tepoztlan from a different view. Check out this place to experience this:

Rancho El Jaguar:

Location: Rancho El Jaguar is situated in the foothills of the Tepozteco Mountain, providing a picturesque setting for horseback riding adventures. The exact address may be obtained by contacting the ranch directly.

Cost: The cost of horseback riding at Rancho El Jaguar can vary depending on factors such as the duration of the ride and any additional services provided. It’s recommended to inquire directly with the ranch for current rates.


Always check with the horseback riding provider for their specific offerings, including trail options, duration of rides, and any additional services or packages they may provide.

Ensure that the horses are well-cared for and that the provider follows ethical and responsible practices in animal welfare.

Artistic Retreats in Nature 🍃

Street art in Tepoztlan

Tepoztlan is full of art everywhere, even outside. You can join art classes or just bring your stuff to paint or draw in a beautiful place. Let the nice surroundings give you ideas for your art.

Workshops can range from arts and crafts to holistic practices. To find up-to-date information on specific outdoor workshops, consider the following steps and info:

Local Artisan Markets:

Explore the local artisan markets in Tepoztlan, such as Mercado Artesanal El Tepozteco and Mercado de Tepoztlan. Artisans often conduct workshops or provide demonstrations in these markets. Prices may vary based on the type and length of the workshop.

Yoga and Wellness Centers:

Yoga studios and wellness centers in Tepoztlan may organize outdoor workshops related to mindfulness, meditation, or holistic practices. Check with places like Yogashala Tepoztlan or Casa Azul Yoga for information on upcoming workshops and their prices.

Art Studios and Galleries:

Tepoztlan has a lively art scene. Sometimes, art studios and galleries have classes outside where you can paint, make pottery, or sculpt. Check out the local art places, ask if they have workshops, and find out how much they cost.

Cultural Events and Festivals:

Keep an eye on local cultural events and festivals in Tepoztlan. These events often feature outdoor workshops, performances, and interactive sessions. Prices may vary, and some events may offer free workshops.

Tourism Information Centers:

Visit the local tourism information center or contact them for details on current outdoor workshops in Tepoztlan. They can provide information on various activities, their locations, and associated costs.

Online Platforms and Social Media:

Check online platforms and social media for announcements and updates on workshops in Tepoztlan. Artists, artisans, and workshop organizers may promote their events through websites, social media pages, or local event platforms.

Important Tips:

  • Contact Organizers: For the most accurate and current information, it’s recommended to contact the organizers or hosts of the workshops directly. They can provide details on workshop content, schedules, and prices.
  • Local Recommendations: Connect with locals, such as shop owners, residents, or fellow travelers, for recommendations on outdoor workshops. They may have firsthand knowledge of upcoming events.
  • Flexible Plans: Workshops and their prices can vary, so consider having a flexible schedule to accommodate changes or unexpected opportunities.

Hot Air Balloon Rides 🎈

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A hot air balloon is always a nice experience!

For an amazing view of Tepoztlan’s beautiful scenery, try a hot air balloon ride.

Float gently above the town and enjoy the wide views of the mountains, valleys, and old places below. It’s a really cool experience that will make you love Tepoztlan even more.

Hot-Air Balloon Experience in Tepoztlan:

One renowned company that offers hot-air balloon experiences in the broader region is Globo Aerostático México. They often operate in various locations, including Tepoztlan.

Location: Tepoztlan’s launch sites may vary, but the flights typically showcase the picturesque landscapes of the surrounding valleys and mountains.

Costs: Hot-air balloon ride costs can vary based on factors such as the duration of the flight, additional services offered, and the company providing the experience. Prices may also fluctuate seasonally. It’s recommended to contact Globo Aerostático México or any other company directly for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Contact Information for Globo Aerostático México:

Website: Globo Aerostático México
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +52 55 5343 1214

Booking Tips:

  • Plan Ahead: Hot-air balloon rides are often popular, so it’s advisable to book in advance to secure your spot.
  • Weather Considerations: Balloon rides are weather-dependent, so be prepared for the possibility of changes or cancellations based on weather conditions.
  • Check Reviews: Before booking, consider checking reviews from previous customers to ensure the reliability and quality of the experience.

Since details can change, especially in the tourism industry, contacting Globo Aerostático México directly will provide the most accurate and current information on hot-air balloon experiences in and around Tepoztlan.

Relax and Enjoy a Temazcal and Massage Therapy 💆

temazcal ceremonies
Getting ready to enter the temazcal

Want to connect and heal your spirit with Mother Nature? Tepoztlan’s beautiful surroundings are perfect for Temazcal ceremonies. Many Temazcals are put in special spots to use the energy from the mountains, which helps people feel connected to nature.

The ceremony usually starts by respecting the four main directions, thanking the elements, and asking for their energy in the Temazcal.

During the Temazcal ritual, there’s a set way of doing things, with times getting hotter and cooler. As it gets hotter, people sing and chant together, which makes everyone feel close. Sometimes, people take breaks outside to cool down and think, which makes the whole experience very relaxing.

Temazcal Ceremony:

One option for a temazcal ceremony in Tepoztlan is:

Xochicalli Temazcal:

Location: Xochicalli Temazcal is located in Tepoztlan, and the specific address can be obtained by contacting them directly.

Costs: Temazcal ceremony costs can vary based on the duration of the experience, additional services provided, and whether it includes other offerings such as traditional healing practices. Contact Xochicalli Temazcal for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Contact Information for Xochicalli Temazcal:

Phone: +52 55 5589 4092
Email: [email protected]

Massage Experience:

For massage experiences in Tepoztlan, you may consider the following options:

Spa El Santuario:

Location: Spa El Santuario is located within the premises of Hotel Amomoxtli in Tepoztlan.

Costs: Massage costs can vary based on the type of massage, duration, and any additional services included. Contact Spa El Santuario directly for current pricing details.

Contact Information for Spa El Santuario:

Phone: +52 739 395 0238
Email: [email protected]


  • Booking in Advance: For both temazcal ceremonies and massage experiences, it’s advisable to book in advance, especially during peak seasons or weekends.
  • Ask about Packages: Some places may offer packages that include a combination of services. Inquire about any special packages that might suit your preferences.
  • Check Reviews: Before booking, consider checking online reviews or testimonials to ensure the quality of the temazcal or massage experience.

Drink Some Micheladas and Taste Traditional Food 🌮

Drink some micheladas in Tepoztlan

Tepoztlan has a lively food scene, and one of the popular drinks in town is the Michelada. It’s not just any drink; it’s a part of the culture.

Imagine a cold glass with chili, lime, and some special spices, all mixed to make a really tasty drink. Whether you’re walking around the markets or sitting in a local bar, sipping on a Michelada is a great way to feel the relaxed vibe of Tepoztlan. There are Micheladas everywhere in Tepoztlan, so make sure to try one with your meal or you might regret it later!

Tepoztlan’s streets smell amazing and there are a lot of different foods to try. You can get food from carts on the street or at small restaurants, and it all shows off the town’s culture.

Here are some culinary delights that await your taste buds:

  • Tlayudas: These oversized, thin tortillas are a Tepoztlan specialty. Laden with a savory blend of beans, cheese, avocado, and your choice of meat, makes for a satisfying and delicious meal.
  • Cecina Tepozteca: Prepared with thinly sliced, marinated beef, Cecina Tepozteca is a local delicacy. Grilled to perfection, the savory and smoky flavors showcase the culinary prowess of Tepoztlan.
  • Chiles en Nogada: A festive dish often associated with Mexican celebrations, Chiles en Nogada is a symphony of flavors. Poblano peppers stuffed with a mixture of meat, fruits, and spices, topped with a creamy walnut sauce, and garnished with pomegranate seeds, create a dish that’s as visually stunning as it is delicious.
  • Cochinita Pibil Tacos: Tepoztlan’s taco stands offer a variety of options, but Cochinita Pibil tacos stand out. Slow-cooked, marinated pork, wrapped in warm tortillas and garnished with pickled onions and citrusy achiote sauce, delivers a burst of flavor.
  • Atole, Café de Olla, and Tamales: Warm up your mornings with Atole, a traditional Mexican hot beverage made from masa (corn dough), water, and sweeteners. Also, try a coffee pot (café de olla), a sweet combination you will adore. Pair it with Tamales, a steamed corn dough filled with savory or sweet fillings, for a hearty and comforting breakfast.

Another thing to do is check out the markets. To get a feel for Tepoztlan, visit the local markets where you can find fresh fruits and veggies, handmade tortillas, and lots of different spices. Talk to the nice people there, try some new fruits, and enjoy the busy feeling of Tepoztlan’s markets.

Conclusion 📕

As you can see, there are a lot of things to do in Tepoztlan! Tepoztlan, Mexico, is a great place for people who love being outside, with lots of cool things to do. Whether you like exciting stuff or just want to relax, Tepoztlan has it all.

To sum up, Tepoztlan has outdoor activities for everyone, so no matter what you’re into, you’ll have a good time. Whether you want to have fun, chill out, or both, Tepoztlan is the place to be. So, pack up and get ready to have a great time exploring Tepoztlan’s outdoors!

Informative Video 🎥

Tepoztlan Handicrafts Market