Teotihuacan Tips for a Marvelous Experience

Do you want to know some Teotihuacan tips and important info for having such a great experience in the City of the Gods Teotihuacan? 🔺

Without a doubt, the Teotihuacan pyramids are some of the most incredible attractions you can experience in Mexico. In this article, you will learn some tips that will help you enjoy this magical, ancient, and impressive historical site to the fullest!


Welcome to our Teotihuacan tips, here are some of the tips that we want to share with you:

Teotihuacan is recognized for having been one of the largest cities in Mesoamerica during pre-Hispanic times. This “City of gods” will leave you enchanted and full of energy.

Enjoy this article, read some of our next tips, and get ready to time travel safely to the ancient City of the Gods, Teotihuacan.

1. Get there early

The first reason for this is that the Teotihuacan Pyramids heat up quickly, making the exploration a bit harder. The second reason is that you want to beat the crowd and get there early as soon as doors open.

Teotihuacan tips: How to get there?

To get to the Teotihuacan Archaeological Zone from Mexico City, you have a few options:

  1. Public transportation: You can take the Metrobus Line 5 from the Indios Verdes station to the Autobuses del Norte station. From there, you can take a bus to Teotihuacan. Alternatively, you can take a bus from the Terminal de Autobuses del Norte to Teotihuacan. Check out our post: Mexico City Is Dangerous? Transportation Checklist For Moving Around Safely
  2. Guided tours: Let Vibe Adventures take you to this amazing site. We will take care of you! Check out our Teotihuacan tours.
  3. Taxi or private car: You can also hire a taxi or a private car to take you to Teotihuacan. This option may be more expensive than public transportation or guided tours, but it offers greater flexibility in terms of when you arrive and how long you stay.

The archeological zone opens from 9:00 to 15:00 all year long. 

tours mexico
Admire amazing views!

2. Bring enough water and comfortable clothing

The “Calzada de Los Muertos” is the main avenue in Teotihuacan. It is 2km long and crosses the entire enclosure, from the Citadel to the Pyramid of the Moon. In its surroundings, you can admire different pyramidal constructions. 

If possible, wear a hat and sunscreen as it can get very sunny in the central hours of the day. If you forget a hat, there are vendors at the entrance.

Moreover, do not forget water, shoes, and comfortable clothes to be prepared to walk a lot. 

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Snap some memorable photos

3. Visit the Archeological Museum

We know the pyramids are the most popular attraction in Teotihuacan but don’t forget to visit the rest of the amenities.

In addition to the incredible archeological wonders, this site offers a very complete educational and cultural museum. Inside you will see various articles found in the archaeological zone, such as ceramics, textiles, and other pieces. Furthermore, you can also find representations of the human sacrifices that occurred in Teotihuacan. 

The entrance to the museum is included in the entrance to Teotihuacan. However, you have to keep the ticket, as they will ask you for it to go inside. 

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Teotihuacan Museum

4. Visit the Quetzalpapálotl Temple

Many people miss The Temple of Quetzalpapalotl as it is located near Exit 3.  The paintings and engravings here are impressive, there are several walls and pillars decorated with representations of butterflies and quetzal feathers. 

This temple corresponds to a building that, at the time, served as a residence for the Teotihuacan elite.

Similarly, it used to serve as the home of the main priests of the city. It is the third-largest monument in Teotihuacan. It has one of the most beautiful and complex decorations of pre-Hispanic times.

teotihuacan tips (quetzalpapalotl)
Photograph by fotografia_de_mexico (Instagram)

5. Hot-air balloon

The landscape views you get from this experience are amazing. Seeing the Teotihuacan pyramids from the air and the sunrise at the same is an unforgettable moment. 

This is one of the best activities to do in Teotihuacan. It’s very interesting to see how the pilot controls the direction of the balloon with pure air currents.

However, hot-air balloon tours are usually very early because the air currents are more stable and calmer than in the afternoon.

Teotihuacan tips: precautions

Unfortunately, accidents have occurred inside the archaeological zone since several hot air balloon companies do not have safe and efficient quality control.

This also happens in places like Turkey, South Africa, and France among others. This is why we recommend you get advice and do comprehensive research in advance about the tour you will take and the company with which you will have your hot air balloon adventure.

teotihuacan view
Aerial View of Teotihuacan

6. Go with a tour guide

There is nothing better than an experienced guide to explain how wonderful each of the structures is.

Your experience will be more complete with someone guiding you through its history, what the colossal heads mean, or why structures are overlapping. 

Not only will they guide you educationally and culturally, but also they are experts in the area, leading to great dining and entertainment options.

Check out our tour: Teotihuacan Tour (Personal Guide & Driver / Private or Group/ 6h)

Teotihuacan Pyramids Tour
Explore and admire the Sun Pyramid

7. Take a themed tour

It is okay to visit Teotihuacan on your own, but the full experience relies on exploring its surroundings. Outside the Archaeological Zone, many activities will help you complement your visit and enjoy much more than just the pyramids.

There are many specialized tours, focusing on food, drinks, traditions, ATVs, hot-air balloons, etc. 

teotihuacan atv tour
ATVs at Teotihuacan

8. Where to stay

While many of the visitors of Teotihuacan stay in Mexico City, others prefer to stay near the ruins to visit early and avoid crowds. Its main town “San Juan Teotihuacan” is a small magical town, therefore, it is recommended to stay near the main square.

An accommodation example is the Acocalli Boutique Hotel, right in the middle between the town square and the Teotihuacan Pyramids. 

Teotihuacan tips: Where to stay in Teotihuacan?

  • La Choza de Barro: This guesthouse is located in the nearby town of San Sebastian Xolalpa and offers comfortable rooms and a beautiful garden. Many guests have praised the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere and the delicious breakfast.
  • Hotel Casa de la Luna: This guesthouse is located in the town of San Juan Teotihuacan, just a short drive from the pyramids. Guests have praised the spacious and comfortable rooms, as well as the friendly and helpful hosts.
  • Posada Jade Teotihuacan: This bed and breakfast is located just 0.621371 miles away from the pyramids and offers comfortable rooms and a peaceful garden. Many guests have praised the warm hospitality of the hosts and the delicious breakfast.
hotel rancho san juan
Photograph by ranchosanjuanteotihuacan (Instagram)

9.  Snap a picture!

Surely, you will want to remember this moment. Don’t be afraid to strike weird poses to get the best picture. In addition to protecting the history and culture of Mexico, the Teotihuacan Pyramids are also an ideal place to take incredible photographs.

One of those details that we always forget when taking pictures is the angle which can give a different meaning to our photo.

Just a side note, avoiding jumping for your selfies is the best you can do to preserve the archeological zone. Studies carried out in Teotihuacan reveal that the city sinks between 2 and 3 cm each year due to the weight of the visitors. 

Mexico City to Teotihuacan Private Tour
Forget all your problems and connect with ancient gods

10. Have a delicious meal at the mystical cave restaurant

La Gruta Teotihuacan is a unique and highly-rated restaurant located in the state of Mexico, specifically, just a few steps away from the Pyramids of Teotihuacan.

What sets it apart is its stunning location – it is built into a natural cave, creating a truly memorable dining experience. The restaurant’s interior is decorated with traditional Mexican artwork and sculptures, adding to its charm.

As for the food, La Gruta Teotihuacan serves up a range of delicious Mexican dishes, including their famous mole sauce. Other must-tries include grilled meats and fresh seafood options. The restaurant also offers an extensive drinks menu, featuring a range of tequilas and other local specialties.

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Overall, La Gruta Teotihuacan is an excellent choice for those looking for a unique, mystical, magical, and authentic Mexican dining experience.

Important: Learn about the COVID regulations before your visit

Some restrictions are being taken in the archeological zone of Teotihuacan, don’t let them surprise your itinerary. To illustrate, the use of a mask is mandatory and it is not allowed to climb the pyramids.

This second activity is one of the greatest delights of visitors both for its symbolism and for the challenge. However, it is forbidden at the moment to avoid big crowds in the pyramids.

Additionally, it will have a maximum capacity of 30%, the equivalent of 3,000 visitors per day. 

Teotihuacan Experience

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