Honeymoon in Mexico: Finding Off the Beaten Path Gems

As you plan your dream honeymoon trip, this guide will reveal some of our top low-key spots in Mexico that are great for bringing you two closer.

These out-of-the-way places let you make precious memories together and start your married life on an magical adventure. Mexico has magical charm and beauty off the popular routes. Let's start and happy new live together!


Table of contents

Riviera Nayarit ❤️

Puebla 💛

Yucatan 💜

Oaxaca 💙

San Luis Potosi 💚

Mexico City ❤️

Bonus: Nido de Quetzacoatl 🤎

Riviera Nayarit

The beautiful Riviera Nayarit area in Mexico, by the Pacific Ocean, is now a popular place for couples to go for a romantic honeymoon. You can find lots of lovely spots here, like the surfing town of Sayulita and the untouched Islas Marietas islands.

The beach village Sayulita wows with its beautiful buildings, bohemian style, and popular surfing waves, which are great for adventurous couples. The Islas Marietas islands are home to lots of animals and have quiet beaches and places to go snorkeling. You can only get there by boat. Islas del Coral has cozy places to stay right by the beach where it’s very quiet. In Nuevo Vallarta, there are towns with resorts that offer everything you could want. And they’re all surrounded by beautiful beaches, forests, and mountains.

Flying directly to Puerto Vallarta airport from most big US cities is easy. Then shuttle buses, taxis, or rental cars can take you to all the towns and islands. Costs range from affordable bed and breakfasts to luxury eco-resorts, with dining and activities for any budget. Do horseback riding, surfing lessons, jungle hikes, boat cruises, scuba diving, whale watching, romantic picnics, massages, and incredible sunsets.

Whether you want off-the-grid privacy, all-inclusive pampering, outdoor adventures, or small-town charm, Riviera Nayarit is a perfect honeymoon setting to relax and reconnect in Mexico’s lovely landscape and welcoming culture. You’ll create memories to cherish for years. Let the romance of the region make your post-wedding escape magical.

mexican honeymoon
Sunset in Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit


The colorful colonial city of Puebla makes a magical backdrop for a Honeymoon in Mexico. It has pretty Spanish churches, great food, historic plazas, museums, popular restaurants and sweet bread shops. There’s also the fancy Amparo Museum in an 18th-century mansion.

It’s easy to reach Puebla with direct flights from several big US cities or luxury buses from Mexico City. Hotels range from charming boutique spots to grand historic hacienda lodges, averaging $100-300 per night.

Nearby trips include the flower town Atlixco by the Popocatépetl volcano, apple orchards around Zacatlan de las Manzanas, small mountain wineries in Huachinango, and the stunning landscapes in Xicotepec. Activities include hot air balloon rides, chocolate factory tours, and horseback riding through country villages, and ancient sites.

Puebla state has a great history, culture, and romance. Come home with treasured memories made while soaked in real Mexican life. Let Puebla’s magical charm sweep you into newlywed happiness.

honeymoon in mexico
Memorial Photo in Chautla


With its elegant colonial architecture, culture, and cuisine, and proximity to both the Caribbean coastline and ancient Mayan ruins, the capital city of Merida provides an idyllic backdrop for a honeymoon in Mexico.

Merida charms visitors with its pastel-hued historic homes, lively plazas, and markets, museums housed in 16th-century mansions, authentic Yucatecan fare, and a Pacific Island ambiance circa the early 1900s.

Flights arrive directly to Merida International Airport from several US cities or connect through Mexico City. Stay in boutique hotels, restored haciendas or intimate B&Bs from $100–300/night.

Nearby destinations include the tranquil Gulf fishing village of Sisal, wildlife reserves with flamingos surrounding Celestun, colonial ruins and cenotes near Valladolid town, and the “Yellow City” of Izamal where pretty convents and artisans’ workshops line steep cobblestone streets under a sunshine yellow skyline.

Outdoor activities span visits to Mayan ruins like the world-famous Chichén Itzá, beach lounging, the nature theme park of Xcaret, adrenaline adventure parks, and an overnight luxury cenote cave suite.

With an excellent balance of urban amenities and off-the-grid tranquility, the Yucatan Peninsula provides unique vistas of Mexican history and culture. Let memories made while immersed in Merida’s mix of modern conveniences and old-world beauty leave you spellbound.

valladolid city
Valladolid Architecture


Oaxaca City makes for an awesome Mexican honeymoon spot with its native heritage, colorful craft markets, complex moles sauces, and famous mezcal liquor. Wander through art galleries, museums, and restaurants in old colonial buildings on pedestrian streets or explore the huge Zocalo plaza and fancy churches around it.

There are direct flights to Oaxaca City from Mexico City or you can connect through Mexico City or Houston from most big US cities. Hotels, bed & breakfasts, or rental apartments average $100–$300 a night with breakfast.

Nearby trips include the weird mineral formations at Hierve El Agua, quiet Pacific beaches and eco resorts in Huatulco, Mazunte’s hippie and sea turtle sanctuary vibes, or ancient Zapotec ruins with villages still there like Mitla. Inland trips take you to remote mountain towns known for pottery, fabrics, and folk art crafts.

With beaches, valleys, mountains, and very special village traditions all easy to reach from colonial Oaxaca City, you get awesome culture and natural beauty here for the honeymoon of a lifetime. Let Oaxaca wow you into happily ever after!

Puerto Escondido Travel (Puerto Escondido)
Puerto Escondido Beach

San Luis Potosi

A fancy old colonial buildings city. The city of San Luis Potosí makes an unexpectedly great spot for a Mexican honeymoon. Main squares are surrounded by ornate cathedrals, colorful markets, and nice restaurants in baroque buildings, and couples can walk hand-in-hand down historic pedestrian streets.

There are direct flights to SLP International Airport from the US or scenic drives coming in from Mexico City, Guadalajara, or Monterrey. Charming boutique hotels and luxury old hacienda resorts average $100–250 a night.

Nearby getaways include the crazy cool jungle garden sanctuary Las Pozas near Xilitla, the lush canyon eco-tours of La Huasteca area, or the flat salt lakes of Real de Catorce, a ghost town being reborn as an artists’ colony. Winery tours up north near Zacatecas make good adventurous road trips too.

Even without beaches, San Luis Potosí has awesome scenery, colonial beauty, and culture, together with off-the-grid wilderness and welcoming small villages. Let its landscapes and history bring newlywed magic!

mexican honeymoon
Huasteca Potosina

Mexico City

As Mexico’s busy capital and cultural hotspot, Mexico City gives newlyweds lots of options for a fun city honeymoon. From Aztec ruins at Templo Mayor to streets of Art Deco buildings, awesome food, lively markets, and tons of world-class museums and entertainment, the city immerses you in Mexico’s living history.

Most international flights land at Mexico City Airport or take domestic connections. Stay at stylish boutique hotels in trendy neighborhoods, averaging $150-$300 a night. Famous spots include the huge Chapultepec Park, perfect for picnics, boating, or museums.

Or wander the cobblestone streets of the Coyoacán neighborhood, stopping at the Frida Kahlo Museum. Catch indie films at Cineteca Nacional’s movie theaters. Then you can eat at nice restaurants in walkable districts like La Condesa, Roma, or artsy Polanco. Day trips take you to ancient pyramids outside the city.

Mexico City rewards explorer couples with culture, art, cuisine, and nature. Let this metropolitan jewel dazzle you with one-of-a-kind newlywed memories! ¡Cheers!

Coyoacan Museums (Frida Kahlo}
Frida Kahlo Museum Entrance

Nido de Quetzalcoatl

Nido de Quetzalcoatl is perfect for couples wanting an intimate, magical honeymoon getaway surrounded by nature. This hidden eco-chic resort near Mexico City pampers newlyweds with luxury details and peaceful views of oak forests and wine regions below.

Fly into Mexico City International Airport with direct flights from several US cities. Private transfers bring you 40 minutes inland to this private 5-star spot modernly made from a historic ranch.

All 40 striking suites frame gorgeous sights through gold stone and sleek concrete work. Gourmet farm-fresh meals, a heavenly spa, and a saltwater pool make stays even sweeter, with rates from $450 to $900 a night. Laze blissfully on terraces by day and under the Milky Way by fire pits at night.

Let Nido de Quetzalcoatl’s mountain hideaway be your pristine romance oasis to start married life – where soulful nature fuels lifelong affection. Here, lose yourself…and find each other forever.

honeymoon in mexico
Nido de Quetzalcoatl (Photo from official Nideo de Quetzalcoatl website)

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