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Oaxaca tours

The Oaxaca tours are a way to discover the paradise on earth you were always dreaming of visiting. You can find beaches, colorful towns, and exquisite gastronomy. Join us and experience authentic tours of Oaxaca with us!

Attractions in Oaxaca

Surf in Puerto Escondido and Huatulco

Oaxaca has been on the lookout for international vacationers and locals, there are many spots to discover, especially in Puerto Escondido and Huatulco.

They have become a lot of people’s favorite beaches. In addition, there are endless activities to do. The most popular activity in Puerto Escondido and Huatulco is surfing, for beginners and for amateurs who want to catch up with new tricks!

Taste traditional “tlayudas”

The tlayuda is that huge tortilla, almost toasted, covered with black beans, tasajo, pork sausage, cheese, cecina, and avocado. It is traditional in the state of Oaxaca.

Nowadays, in contemporary Oaxacan restaurants, people serve pieces of tlayuda as if they were bread. Actually, did you know old tlayudas were also prepared with chilaquiles?

traditional food of mexico

Experience the Day of the Dead

This mythical Mexican festivity is a must-see in the state of Oaxaca. Here, you can find a mystical, and colorful atmosphere that you should feel at least once in your life.

Streets full of flowers, candles, and catrinas abound among the beautiful streets of Oaxaca. There is nothing more perfect than welcoming your loved ones who are no longer with you with a delicious Oaxacan mezcal. Cheers!

Visit UNESCO-listed ruins of Monte Alban

Monte Alban is an archaeological zone where Zapotec settlers inhabited. This place has impressive panoramic views, history, and incredibly well-preserved pre-Hispanic vestiges.

You can also experience ancient rituals in the surrounding area, from which you can learn more about the Zapotec culture and history of this impressive site. Definitely, this is a place full of mysticism and energy that you definitely cannot miss if you visit Oaxaca.

See dinosaur footprints in Tehuacan-Cuicatlan Biosphere Reserve

Once in Oaxaca, head up to this interesting place with impressive vegetation and dozens of dinosaur footprints paved on what used to be a seabed!

If you are passionate about history, here, you will find the first records of the domestication of species and the technical advance of agriculture in the Mesoamerican period. This place is undoubtedly a sample of the biological, geological, cultural, and historical richness of Oaxaca and its surroundings.

Tehuacán-Cuicatlán UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Oaxaca tours

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions about tours to Oaxaca. Check them out!

Is it safe to travel to Oaxaca? 👮

Mexico is a country that has a lot of prejudices about security. Nevertheless, Oaxaca is one of the most tourist places in Mexico, therefore, security is increasing and getting better every day for foreigners that visit this state. We assure you that on our tours to Oaxaca, we will make you feel like a local and we will take care of you to the fullest!

Remember to travel always with an open mind, insecurity can be everywhere. Please check out our post the complete guide to travel on a budget to know what to do when you travel to another place or country. It is always important to research the place you are going to visit and the precautions you may take.

What’s Oaxaca cheese? 🧀

Oaxaca cheese is a type of cheese that comes from Oaxaca, Mexico. This cheese is traditionally made by stretching the cheese curds into long strings and then the strings are wound into a ball or knot. More info here: QUESO OAXACA.

Why visit Oaxaca? 🛫

Oaxaca is a state that has absolutely everything, from outstanding natural landscapes to festivals that you should see once in a lifetime. We suggest you check out our Top 10 beach destinations in Mexico you don’t want to miss. Oaxaca is a place where Mexican tradition is present no matter where you are. Furthermore, the history that surrounds this place from ancient times to the modern ones, gives you a glimpse of Mexican history, culture, and tradition in a way you never experienced before. Discover it with us!

Indeed, astonishing beaches where there are international surf championships, incredible festivals acclaimed all over the world, exquisite dishes, and magnificent monuments are some of the things that will make you fall in love with Oaxaca.

What to do in Oaxaca? 🚶

There are plenty of things that you can do in Oaxaca. From tasting exquisite dishes to strolling through its streets full of art and color. Likewise, Oaxaca is home to the only nudist beach in Mexico: Zipolite.

In addition to this, the beaches of Oaxaca have a unique and enchanting magic. The sunsets on the Oaxacan coasts are an experience that will make you want to always come back to contemplate the grandeur of nature.

There is so much to see, do and eat in Oaxaca. For example, you can sip a delicious mezcal with coffee, taste Oaxacan chocolate and cheese, or surf the incredible waves that the beaches offer. Oaxaca is a place in Mexico that you can’t miss if you love nature, history, culture, and Mexican traditions.

Which are the best tours to Oaxaca? 🚌

At Vibe Adventures, we have different options for tours to Oaxaca for you! Check out this to choose the tour you would love the most to experience with us.

When to travel to Oaxaca? 📅 

According to your taste, it depends a lot on the dates you want to visit Oaxaca. For example, if you are a person who is not used to the heat and sun, you should avoid the months of April and May. The temperature reaches from 25°C to 32°C.

Now, if you are looking for dates for festivities and carnivals, the famous Guelaguetza is on July 16. This celebration is considered the biggest folkloric festival on the American continent. October and November are also perfect if you want to experience the atmosphere of the Day of the Dead, a unique and enriching experience that you will take with you to your grave!

In fact, you can visit Oaxaca any day of the year, there will always be fun and interesting things to eat, see and do.