The music scene in Mexico

From ancient civilizations worldwide, we have realized that the sounds of nature have influenced humans to have a certain sense of connection with Mother Nature. Then, in Greece more specific theories about music began to emerge, and celestial importance was given to it by the god Apollo and the daughters of Zeus, the famous muses.

Over time, music has evolved and become an increasingly important element in the cultures of many countries. Mexico has been one of them since Mesoamerican civilizations. They had a special connection with rhythms and dance, among other things. That is why music in Mexico has changed, but it is always present in its culture. As well as soccer, tacos, and tequila, music is in every Mexican blood and veins.

Given the importance of music in this country,

people love listening to their favorite band, DJ, or singer live. Music festivals in Mexico have been growing impressively, to the point that they are now an essential part of the nation. In many states of the Mexican Republic, there are high-quality festivals on par with Lollapalooza, Estereo Picnic, Primavera Sound, and Coachella, among others.

If you are traveling through Mexico and looking for adventure, fun, new experiences, and lots of music, music festivals in Mexico are an excellent option for you. No matter if you like electronic music, rock, local bands, or something more classic and cultural, there are options for all travelers!

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Music festivals in Mexico

Next, I present you my small list (based on my personal experiences) of the best music festivals in Mexico. I hope that with this, on your next trip to Mexico, you can discover many experiences involving finding new friends, adventure, fun, culture, folklore, and a lot, but a lot of good music. Only good vibes here!

🎵 But before, here are some tips for buying tickets for any music festival in Mexico:

  • Avoid buying in resale.
  • The most popular and official box offices in Mexico are Ticketmaster, SuperBoletos, and Boletia.
  • Unofficial concert merchandise in Mexico is a unique experience for music and souvenir lovers. I recommend buying outside the venues, as it is more economical, and the designs are super cool. You will see them when you are there!
  • You can buy tickets directly at the box office where the events will be held (it is usually cheaper to do so). In the case of Foro Sol and Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, the box office is at the Palacio de los Deportes.
  • If you come from another country, the best thing to do is to go to concerts and festivals in these three cities: Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey. Since here, more agencies can offer you packages with hotels, transportation, and tickets included. Be careful and research before buying, especially if you plan to come to concerts or festivals that may be sold out. Beware of scams!
  • Most music festivals in Mexico City and other regions have varying prices and are in phases. In each phase, tickets are sold at a specific price; once the tickets for that phase are sold out, another one is added but at a higher price.
concerts in mexico city
Concert in Mexico City

Corona Capital 💚

I wanted to start with this one because, from my point of view, it´s the best and most cherished one in Mexico City. Corona Capital is possibly the best music festival in Mexico. It is one of Mexico’s biggest and most popular music festivals. It is held annually in November in Mexico City at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez racetrack.

This massive festival combines the greatest rock, indie, and electronic music names worldwide. Some headliners here were The Cure, Blur, Pet Shop Boys, The Chemical Brothers, Tame Impala, Paramore, Arctic Monkeys, and Green Day. With multiple stages, art installations, and a fascinating atmosphere, Corona Capital draws music fans from across Mexico and internationally.

The festival takes place over three days, usually from Friday to Sunday in mid-November. General admission tickets for the entire two-day experience usually cost around $250 USD at face value. However, VIP options also provide added amenities and viewing areas for a higher price point. Given its huge popularity, music festivals in Mexico, like Corona Capital, tend to sell out months in advance as fans clamor for tickets.

In addition to the incredible music lineup, Corona Capital’s allure is its celebration of Mexican culture and arts. It has grown into one of Latin America’s most significant art, culture, and music festivals, making it a crown jewel of the thriving music festival scene in Mexico. The scale, atmosphere, and lineup make it a premier destination event.

music festivals in mexico
Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Corona Festival

Tecate Emblema 💜

This festival is a must for every pop music enthusiast. Also, many people from the LGBTQ+ community love this music festival in Mexico. It happens yearly in Mexico City, at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez racetrack complex. It is almost always held between April and May.

Ticket prices change based on the pass type and when you buy them. A single-day general admission ticket usually costs between $80 and $150 USD. Multi-day and VIP passes cost more. The festival lasts two or three days in late spring or early summer. It features many popular artists from different music styles, such as pop rock, pop, and EDM.

Big names like Christina Aguilera, Backstreets Boys, Calvin Harris, Sam Smith, The Chainsmokers, and Gwen Stefani have played there. The festival also features popular Mexican and Latin American artists. It has a fun vibe, and there is food, drinks, merchandise, and other festival things.

music festivals in mexico
Pic taken during Maneskin band set!

Tecate Pal Norte 💙

This is one of the biggest and most popular music festivals in Mexico. It is famous for bringing an incredible lineup of rock, indie, and alternative acts to Monterrey annually. It typically takes place over three days in late March or early April at Parque Fundidora, an expansive park area in Monterrey.

With multiple outdoor stages, incredible production values, and a party atmosphere, Tecate Pa’l Norte draws massive crowds from across Mexico and beyond for this annual celebration of music festivals in Mexico.

The festival offers general admission and VIP ticket options, with prices usually falling from $150-300 USD depending on the tier. Past lineups have featured major international touring acts like The Killers, The Offspring, Muse, Blink-182, Billie Eilish, and popular Mexican rock bands like Zoé and Kinky. Beyond just the incredible music, part of the draw is the fantastic art installations, food vendors, and an immersive festival experience in the North of Mexico.

Monterrey itself is an industrial city known for its great nightlife scene, adding to the perfect backdrop for Tecate Pa’l Norte’s three-day rock extravaganza each spring. The festival has grown into one of Mexico’s largest and most acclaimed music festivals since its inception in 2013. Its consistent world-class lineups and atmosphere have cemented Tecate Pa’l Norte as an unmissable event for lovers of rock music festivals in Mexico and beyond.

monterrey festival
Tecate invites local Mexican singers to shine on the stage!

Vive Latino 💛

It’s one of the largest and longest-running music festivals in Mexico. Held annually since 1998, it takes place over two days in late March in Mexico City. The festival celebrates rock, indie, ska, reggae, and Latin alternative music with a diverse lineup of acts from Mexico and internationally. With multiple stages set up at the Foro Sol grounds, Vive Latino draws tens of thousands of music fans for this massive two-day event that highlights the incredible alternative music scene across Latin America.

The location of Foro Sol in Mexico City provides the perfect urban backdrop for this premier music festival. General admission tickets typically cost around $100-150 USD for the full two-day experience of music festivals in Mexico. In addition to the main stages, there are also secondary stages showcasing up-and-coming Mexican acts. Past headliners have included Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Scorpions, The Strokes, Yves Tumor, and many more international stars. Also, Latin American artists and bands like Caifanes, Café Tacvba, Fito Paez, and Fabulosos Cadillacs have been here.

Beyond the incredible musical lineup, Vive Latino has become an immersive cultural experience. The festival site features art exhibitions, food vendors celebrating Mexican food, and even activism corners raising awareness about social causes. This festival offers many examples of Mexican culture.

It has cemented itself as not just a music festival but an annual gathering celebrating Mexican culture, arts, and the incredible diversity of Latin music. The atmosphere of Vive Latino exemplifies why Mexico is a powerhouse for music festivals in Mexico and across Latin America.

mexican culture examples
Ibero-American Festival of Musical Culture “Vive Latino”

Metal Fest 🖤

If you’re a metalhead from the old school or want to discover new metal bands, this one is for you. Metal Fest is one of Mexico’s biggest, darkest, and most highly anticipated heavy metal music festivals.

It currently takes place over three days in November at Velodromo Olímpico in Mexico City. Multiple stages showcase bands across genres like thrash metal, death metal, black metal, and more. Metal Fest draws thousands of headbangers across Mexico and internationally to celebrate heavy music.

The festival site,

provides the perfect grounds for moshpits and raging to some of the biggest names in metal music. General admission tickets typically cost around $100-150 USD for the whole three-day experience of Metal Fest. Past lineups include major acts like Slipknot, Judas Priest, Lamb of God, Trivium, and legendary Mexican metal bands like Brujeria and Acid King. With pyrotechnics, light shows, and a sea of diehard fans, metal music festivals in Mexico create an electrifying atmosphere.

In addition to the blistering music, Metal Fest incorporates Mexican culture and folklore elements. Vendors offer traditional food and crafts between band sets, creating an experience that celebrates heavy metal music and Mexican heritage. Combining diverse metal subgenres with these cultural elements has allowed Metal Fest to grow into a great festival.

music festivals in mexico
Get ready to rock hard!

Afterlife 🧡

Looking for an immersive, underground techno and house music festival? You found it! It is held annually in Tulum and Mexico City. It typically takes place in early January and May, kicking off the new year with a 3-day celebration of cutting-edge electronic music.

The festival is the creation of Tale Of Us, the renowned Italian DJ duo. They brought their iconic Afterlife event series to Tulum. With an emphasis on production, Afterlife has quickly become one of the most acclaimed boutique music festivals in Mexico. It’s like having a bit of Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, and Ushuahia Ibiza set in the middle of the jungle of the Caribbean Sea.

The main stage and dancefloor are set up directly on the white sand beaches, with the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean as the backdrop. Other stages are in the lush jungle surroundings of Tulum. World-class DJs and live acts perform nonstop across multiple areas from daytime to early morning hours. In 2024, general admission passes start at around $300 USD for the 3-day/3-night Afterlife experience.

What sets Afterlife apart is the strong visual elements that complement the music. The stagecraft incorporates distinctive artworks, sculptures, lighting, and projections to create an other-worldly, almost psychedelic atmosphere. It’s not as psychedelic as Woodstock 69, though. ☮️✌🕊️🙊

This fusion of music, art, and nature is amazing. It has established Afterlife as one of Mexico’s premier underground music festivals. Shout out also to Boiler Room; you will always be famous!

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Other important festivals in Mexico

Mexico has many fun festivals that promote arts and culture. These festivals celebrate Mexico’s rich culture through music, dance, film, art, and more. In Mexico City, there are free concerts, dance shows, and cultural events all year round in the historic Zocalo area. Artists like Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, Shakira, Justin Bieber, and Rosalía have performed for free here!

Other yearly events, like Flow Fest and ARRE Festival, mix popular music in Mexico with artistic installations, food, and modern art scenes. There are also new proposals such as:

  • Hera Fest (all female artists and bands)
  • Tecate Live Out
  • Festival Pulso GNP
  • Hypnosis
  • Axe Ceremonia

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The big Festival Internacional Cervantino in Guanajuato is a huge festival that lasts for many weeks. It features music, theater, dance, literature, and exhibits from Mexico and other countries. Don’t be afraid to experience music events in different parts of the world!

Outside the big cities,

there are indigenous and traditional celebrations like the Guelaguetza in Oaxaca. These show the traditional music, dances, and colorful clothing of Mexico’s diverse ethnic groups. For people who love classical music, there are great festivals with famous orchestras, opera groups, and solo musicians from around the world, like Morelia’s Music Festival.

Jazz fans visit the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival to see top jazz musicians play at the beach. These are just a few music festivals and arts events nationwide in Mexico. Mexico has many big cultural festivals and small ethnic festivals in little towns. There are endless chances to experience Mexico’s rich arts and heritage. If you love music, dance, films, art, or exploring Mexico’s diverse cultures, festivals allow you to see the country’s traditions and modern cultural scenes. The spirit of celebrating arts is deeply part of Mexican society and its music festivals.

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Zocalo of Mexico City during a concert


Music festivals in Mexico are fun celebrations of the country’s diverse cultures. These festivals show traditional indigenous dances, mariachi music, and modern music that mixes styles and tastes from different regions.

Festivals have many examples of Mexican culture that delight people attending. The Guelaguetza festival in Oaxaca highlights the bright clothing and customs of local ethnic groups through music and dance. A festival like Vive Latino in Mexico City makes Mexican culture examples more modern by having cutting-edge rock, pop, and urban musicians perform.

No matter which music festival you attend in Mexico, you will be surrounded by the country’s rich artistic traditions and creative spirit. These energetic events bring together the rhythms, melodies, and choreographed dances that have been part of Mexico’s culture for centuries.

By seeing examples of Mexican culture through music, dance, food, and crafts at these exciting festivals, you will appreciate Mexico’s diverse heritage more deeply. Live music festivals capture the spirited, soulful expression that makes exploring Mexican culture exciting and appealing.

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