Day of the Dead Celebration: Everything About the Parade & More!

Want to know when this Day of the Dead celebration started?
Looking for the date and place to see it?
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Keep reading this article and learn more about this Day of the Dead celebration (Day of the Dead Parade's) history, schedules, and dates. As a bonus, we share with you some Day of the Dead makeup tips for looking spectacular at the parade.


Day of the Dead Celebration: Day of the Dead Parade’s History

It was 2015, there was a huge furor over the new James Bond movie Spectre. Everybody was excited for watching again the iconic character saving the world.

Without having it in mind, this famous franchise gave Mexico the one and only Day of the Dead parade.

Part of the film was shot in Mexico City, where a Day of the Dead celebration can be seen (the first parade in Mexico City). From that day on, Mexico City would hold a parade every year just like the one in the movie, and even better!

Although the origin of the festival is not pre-Hispanic or created purely by Mexicans, each year it seeks to promote the amazing Mexican tradition and culture through the Day of the Dead.

In this parade, we can see floats, giant skulls, majestic floral decorations, and lots of art from different states of Mexico.

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day of the dead celebration
Cempasúchil Altar

The Day of the Dead is extremely important in Mexico. In fact, besides Mexico City, there are parades and festivals just as amazing and beautiful in Oaxaca, Michoacan, and Aguascalientes. Mexico offers a thousand options of activities and places to celebrate this lovely date.

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day of the dead celebration
Tepoztlán, Mexico

Date and Place to See the Day of the Dead Parade

The Day of the Dead Grand Parade will start on Saturday, November 4 at 14:00 hrs, from Chapultepec Lion’s Gate to Mexico City’s Zocalo.

day of the dead celebration
Artist at the Day of the Dead Parade in Mexico City

Day of the Dead Makeup: Brief History and Tips

Let’s start by explaining which is the most popular makeup for the Day of the Dead.

Day of the Dead Makeup Brief History

The Catrina is one of the most representative icons of Mexican culture and a character that can not miss in this celebration, as it is a symbol of death and a reminder that no matter how much luxury or beauty you have, death awaits everyone.

La Catrina was originally an illustration created by Mexican writer José Guadalupe Posada in the early 20th century. The first name it had was ‘La Calavera Garbancera‘.

Photograph by cuauhtemoc_1521 (Instagram)

The ‘garbancero‘ or ‘garbancera‘ were people who denied having indigenous roots and pretended to be Europeans. This belief of being from Europe or specifically from France was part of the Porfiriato period.

Then the president of Mexico, Porfirio Diaz, promoted French culture in Mexico. Especially among the higher social classes of the time.

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In this context, Posada drew a skull with an extravagant hat, which alluded to those who wanted to appear or be more than what they really were. In the end, they would die in the same way as everyone else, no matter how much fame or money these people had.

Later, Diego Rivera completed the attire with an elegant dress in his work Sueño de Una Tarde Dominical en la Alameda Central (Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in the Central Alameda). This figure was known as ‘La Catrina’.

diego rivera painting
Diego Rivera’s Sueño de Una Tarde Dominical en la Alameda Central painting

From this point on, the tradition of catrinas has become more and more representative of Mexican culture. In fact, it is the most recreated and famous makeup by thousands of people around the world. Therefore, it represents the Day of the Dead and Mexican culture and tradition.

Day of the Dead Makeup Tips and More Info

We must say that there are several types of Day of the Dead makeup. Indeed, there are from very basic and simple to professional makeup worthy of a movie.

On this occasion, we will show you the simplest technique and recommend artists to learn from or be inspired by. Or even better, you can be their next model for the Day of the Dead parade!

catrina makeup

The things you need for your catrina or Day of the Dead makeup are:

  • Black and white water-based paint
  • Color eyeliner
  • Brush and paintbrush
  • Sequins and stones to embellish your face
  • Make-up fixer
  • False eyelashes and glue (optional)

Steps to follow

  1. Wash your face and put on a moisturizing cream.
  2. With white makeup, cover your entire face, leaving the eye contour-free.
  3. With the eyeliner draw the outline of the eyes and on the nose make an inverted heart, then with the black paint fill in the spaces.
  4. For the mouth, take a thin brush, draw a line along the lips, and then add some small lines vertically to simulate the teeth.
  5. If you want to add color, you can outline the eye area with various shapes and decorate it with sequins and rhinestones. You can glue them with this.
  6. Finally, set the makeup so that it lasts all night long. You can use this makeup fixer.
  7. Add something special like a wreath or a beautiful dress or suit if you are a catrín.
day of the dead celebration

How do I remove my makeup?

It’s important to remove makeup from your face, so we recommend using an oil-based makeup remover to make it easier.

Put some on a cotton pad and gently wipe over your face. Then wash your face with a bar of soap and finally moisturize with a moisturizing cream.

Makeup artists recommendations

  1. ise.mua
  2. Remakeup Fx
  3. Only in Ur Mind
  4. Claire Dim
  5. Jessie Martinez
  6. SilviaMBeauty
  7. Meet the Ruckers
  8. Holdt & Chy
  9. Party Delights

We hope you can get your makeup done and come prepared for this Day of the Dead celebration and for all the celebrations around this special date for all Mexicans.

We promise it is an experience you will never forget and will carry in your heart forever. Just as you carry your loved ones who have not gone away. Get ready, the Day of the Dead party never dies!

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