20 November Mexico: Mexican Revolution Day!

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Keep reading to know why the 20 November is important for Mexico, useful information about the Mexican Revolution, and places to celebrate this date.


20 November Mexico: What Happened?

The Mexican Revolution was an armed conflict that began in 1910 as a result of popular discontent with the dictatorship of Porfirio Díaz. This would start a civil war that would forever change the social and political structure of all of Mexico.

20 november mexico
20 November Mexico: History and Mexican Culture

Mexican Revolution Brief Context

After the old dictator, Porfirio Díaz was reappointed as president of Mexico, which he had ruled since 1876, Francisco Madero, a large landowner and supporter of a liberal and democratic evolution, called for a general insurrection on November 20, 1910. Thus inaugurating the Mexican Revolution.

Then, after the departure of Díaz in May 1911, Madero was elected president of the Republic, but he came up against the nostalgic supporters of the old regime and above all the peasant revolts.

pancho villa
Pancho Villa, photograph by peopledispatch (Instagram)

Led by emblematic figures such as Pascual Orozco and Pancho Villa in the north of the country and Emiliano Zapata in the south, they were not content with the establishment of a parliamentary regime but also demanded a profound agrarian reform.

Madero’s assassination in February 1913 was followed by a long period of political instability, after which Venustiano Carranza came to power.

In February 1917, he promulgated a new constitution marked by anticlericalism and social reformism, which laid the foundations of modern Mexico.

Mexican Revolution Curious Facts

Revolutionary ideas

On January 9, 1937, Leon Trotsky was in exile since his banishment from the USSR by Stalin. He arrived at Tampico, where the famous artist Frida Kahlo, received him.

Diego Rivera, who was a communist enthusiast, convinced the Mexican president to offer political asylum to the Soviet revolutionary.

Diego Rivera’s mural Epopeya del Pueblo Mexicano

Frida Kahlo was extremely fascinated by Trotsky and by the revolutionary ideal. It was so, that she falsified her birth certificate to make it coincide with the beginning of a major event in the history of her country: The Mexican Revolution.

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Who were the Adelitas?

A woman who in the Mexican Revolution accompanied her boyfriend, brother, or father to combat. She was a combat assistant and supported the logistical work of the revolutionaries.

Adelita costume

Women in the Mexican Revolution

As mentioned before, the Adelitas were very important. However, women at that time also played more relevant roles. For example, soldiers, journalists, informers, spies, and couriers.

Although the vast majority of their names remain anonymous, the women’s incursion changed the course of Mexican history.

Emiliano Zapata twin

Emiliano Zapata had a double to attend public events. After he was assassinated, people used to identify him with a mole near his eye to verify that it was really his corpse.

The photographer who captured the reality of that time

Agustín Víctor Casasola was the photographer who captured the reality of the Mexican Revolution.

Photograph by Agustín Víctor Casasola

Books and movies to learn more about the Mexican Revolution

  • Books: Los de Abajo (Mariano Azuela), El Llano en Llamas (Juan Rulfo), México Bárbaro (John Kenneth Turner).
  • Movies: Xochimilco (2009), Cuartelazo (1976), México, la revolución congelada (1971), El baile de los 41 (2020).

Places to Visit in Mexico to Know More About Mexican Revolution

Throughout Mexico, the battles that took place in this era have remained and will continue until the end. This is why, in different states of the Mexican Republic, the essence of war, history, and tradition still exists.

Indeed, Mexico is characterized by its unimaginable and unimaginable history. That said, it is worth mentioning that you can travel through time in every corner of the country.

To travel in our time machine to the Mexican Revolution, we can visit the places that we will present below. Let’s go on the attack!

Monument to the Revolution

The Monument to the Revolution (Spanish: Monumento a la Revolución) is a mausoleum and monument commemorating the Mexican Revolution.  Here, you can visit the museum that houses important artifacts, clothing, and documents from this significant event in Mexico.

20 november mexico
Monument to the Revolution

As if that were not enough, at the top, there is a cafeteria with an unimaginable panoramic view. Furthermore, at the top, there is a viewer that will make you tremble with excitement – you’ll be on top of Mexico City!

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Finca Don Porfirio: Coffee Shop

There are several branches of this famous and delicious cafeteria inspired by the Mexican Revolution. For instance, a great way to enjoy this experience should be in the branch in front of the Palacio Bellas Artes (Palace of Fine Arts).

20 november mexico
Photograph by fincadonporfirio (Instagram)

Here, you will have a spectacular view of this palace full of history and art both inside and out.

Similarly, another branch with items from the time of the revolution is Finca Don Porfirio San Rafael. An excellent option to have a good coffee, eat delicious food, and travel back in time.

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Canteen La Ópera

In the center of Mexico City, two French sisters created this jewel, with the idea of recreating the very iconic Parisian cafes and confectioneries.

Although La Ópera did not start as a bar, its fame forced it to make it a Restaurant Bar after a move in the 19th century.

20 november mexico canteen
Photograph by ryanschude (Instagram)

One of the features of the establishment is its very characteristic Art Nouveau décor as well as the wallpaper that has been preserved since the Porfiriato period (The period in Mexican history when Porfirio Díaz (1830-1915) was president of the country).

President Porfirio Díaz, as well as the revolutionaries Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa, could not miss a drink at this iconic bar.

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Chihuahua, Chihuahua

Chihuahua is one of the places in Mexico par excellence that has the most revolutionary atmosphere of all the states. Here took place different war events. Which caused a before and after in this brutal episode of Mexican history.

Tarahumara people

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Cuernavaca, Morelos

General Emiliano Zapata lived and fought some of his most important battles before being assassinated.

There are different historical places of the Mexican Revolution and Zapata’s life such as the old Hotel Moctezuma, and the Museum of the Hacienda de San Juan Chinameca. The place where Zapata was ambushed to assassinate him.

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Puebla, Puebla

The city of Puebla is one of the most important places of the Mexican Revolution since it can be considered that the movement began in this city.

Here lived the Serdan brothers, who formed an operations center in their house to plan a coup against Porfirio Díaz in the name of Francisco Madero.

puebla mexico
Fountain of Puebla’s Historic Center

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Queretaro, Queretaro

In 1917 the Constitutionalist Congress met in the then-Iturbide Theater. Today, the name of the theater is the Theater of the Republic, to promulgate the Mexican Constitution of February 5th.

Aqueduct in Queretaro

The Theater is still one of the most important stages of the Mexican Revolution; it is currently open to the public every day and is still in operation as it is home to the Philharmonic Orchestra of Queretaro and hosts various cultural and political events.

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