Coyoacan in Mexico City: Exploring a Charming Cultural Gem

Do you want to discover this neighborhood in Mexico City full of history, culture, colors and tradition?
Where is it located?
What is the history of this place?
Which are some iconic landmarks?
Where to eat and drink delicious coffe?

Welcome to the enchanting district of Coyoacan in Mexico City! History, art, and amazing Mexican ambiance are waiting for you. Join us on this article to start a marvelous journey through this charming gem!


Where is it located?

Coyoacan is an important and interesting neighborhood in southern Mexico City, which is the capital of Mexico. It’s been around since a long time ago, even before Columbus came to America.

Over the years, it has become a beautiful place that mixes its old-fashioned charm with the lively atmosphere of today’s Mexico City.

It is right in the big city of Mexico, part of Mexico’s huge capital. It’s got a mix of different building styles, old streets made of stone, and lots of green parks. This place shows how diverse and incredible Mexico City is with its rich history and culture.

Coyoacan’s History

Coyoacan has been around since a really long time ago when the Tepanec people lived here before the Spanish arrived. The name “Coyoacan” comes from an old language called Nahuatl and means “place of coyotes,” showing its indigenous history.

Back when the Aztec Empire was around, Coyoacan was a big trading place and was really good at growing crops like corn, beans, and squash. Then, when the Spanish came in the 16th century, Coyoacan became an important area for the Spanish to set up churches, monasteries, and fancy estates.

Coyoacan in Mexico city
Happy selfie outside San Juan Bautista Church

Back in the old days when the Spanish were in charge, Coyoacan was famous for its fancy houses owned by the rich Spanish. These houses were super fancy with beautiful designs and big gardens, showing off how rich and important the owners were. Even famous people like the conqueror Hernan Cortes lived in Coyoacan.

Moreover, this neighborhood is a big deal in the art world because famous artists like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera were linked to it. Kahlo’s special place called Casa Azul (Blue House) is now a museum showing her life and amazing art. Rivera, who was really famous for his murals, left a big mark on Coyoacan with his impressive artwork.

Over time, Coyoacan kept its special style, mixing the native culture with the Spanish influence from colonial times. Its streets, squares, and buildings show a lot about the old times, giving people a peek into its rich history. Nowadays, Coyoacan in Mexico City is still alive and full of culture, respecting its past while also being modern.

Iconic Landmarks

One really popular place to visit is Casa Azul, which used to be where Frida Kahlo lived. Now it’s a museum where you can see her cool paintings, stuff she owned, and even the pretty garden she loved.

Next to Casa Azul is the Leon Trotsky Museum, where the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky used to live when he was in exile. The museum keeps his memory alive by showing things like documents, pictures, and personal stuff that help us learn about his life and what he did in politics.

Mexico City 3 Days
Casa Azul of Frida Kahlo

Another important place is the San Juan Bautista Church,

which shows off how buildings looked back in the old days. It’s really old, from the 16th century, and has a super pretty outside with lots of fancy designs. Inside, you can see beautiful art and craftwork that people made for religious reasons a long time ago.

The Plaza Hidalgo is like the main center of Coyoacan, with pretty streets and buildings all around. People come here to feel the fun vibe, watch street shows, and try yummy local food at different cafes and restaurants.

Coyoacan also has the Jardin Centenario (Centenary Garden), a lovely garden where both locals and visitors come to chill out among the trees and plants. You can also find cute cafes and markets selling handmade stuff around there.

coyoacan in mexico city
The main park in Coyoacan

In addition,

the Mercado (Market) de Coyoacan is an interesting place where you can find lots of typical Mexican things like handmade crafts, clothes, fresh fruits and veggies, and yummy street food that’s very authentic.

Finally, there’s the Anahuacalli Museum made by Diego Rivera. It’s got lots of old art and things from before Spanish times in Mexico. This special museum looks like an Aztec temple and takes you on a cool trip through Mexico’s ancient history.

All these famous places together show what Coyoacan is all about. They bring people into a world full of history, art, and lots of culture that make this part of Mexico City really special.

Coyoacan in Mexico City (Anahuacalli)
Anahuacalli Museum

Cafes and Restaurants


  • Cafe Avellanada: This comfy place is great for chilling out with really good coffee and yummy pastries. Cafe Avellanada is famous for its friendly vibe and really tasty coffee, making it a perfect spot to relax and enjoy some delicious brews.
  • CAFÉ: A well-liked coffee place that’s simple but classy. They’ve got lots of coffees, teas, and snacks on their menu. It’s a chill place where you can hang out with friends or just enjoy a quiet coffee by yourself.
  • El Mundo del Café: This nice coffee shop has lots of different coffee drinks and some snacks too. People really like it because they care a lot about making good coffee. It’s a comfy place where you can enjoy special kinds of coffee and chill out.
  • La Hija del Jarocho: This cafe has a really nice and real Mexican feel. People love it for its typical Mexican coffee drinks and yummy pastries. It’s got a friendly vibe and offers a taste of local flavors. If you want to try real Mexican coffee, La Hija del Jarocho is the place to go.
  • Café Negro: A coffee shop or cafe in Coyoacan known for its brews, ambiance, or specialties. It offers you a variety of coffee selections, pastries, or light meals. It provides a cozy space for locals and visitors to enjoy a relaxing coffee break or casual meet-ups.


  • Corazon de Maguey: This place has a mix of classic Mexican food but with a modern twist. People like it for its tasty food that has the real flavors of Mexico. It’s got a nice atmosphere where you can enjoy traditional Mexican dishes that are made in a new way.
  • Séptimo: This restaurant is a favorite place to eat that has lots of different foods from Mexico and other countries. They’ve got a big menu with all kinds of dishes, from classic Mexican ones to new international flavors. It’s a nice place with lots of choices, perfect for people who like different kinds of food.
  • Amatista Tostadas: The Amatista Tostadas restaurant is all about making really good tostadas. They’ve got crunchy tortillas with yummy stuff on top. It’s a laid-back place where you can enjoy lots of tasty tostada combinations that show off how delicious Mexican flavors can be.
  • Food Market in Coyoacan: Indeed, In Coyoacan, there are lots of busy food markets with real Mexican street food. These markets have different stalls selling yummy stuff like tacos, tamales, quesadillas, and more tasty things. They’re cool spots where you can dive into Mexico’s food scene and try lots of different delicious dishes.
  • El Convento: Coyoacan has a special vibe with old buildings that make you think of the past. That’s where you’ll find El Convento, a really charming place that’s not just a restaurant; it’s also a fancy hotel with spaces for private parties. Their Mexican food mixes old recipes with new styles, making it very unique.


Coyoacan in Mexico City is a super neat blend of history, culture, and tons of fun stuff. This area has been here for a long time and has a vibe that everyone enjoys. It’s got old streets, really old buildings, bustling markets, and famous spots like Casa Azul. It’s a peek into Mexico’s amazing history and art scene.

The food in this neighborhood is really varied – you’ve got classic places to eat, impressive food markets, and new restaurants that add a lot of tasty options in Coyoacan. Also, the place is famous because of important painters like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, which makes it even more special for art and culture.

coyoacan virtual tour
Coyoacan Coyote Fountain

When you visit the squares, gardens, museums, and cafes around Coyoacan, you’re taking a trip back in time through history and tradition. This place holds onto its old tales while also having new stuff, making it a neat blend of the old days and today.

Basically, Coyoacan is like the heart of Mexico City, a type of Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town), welcoming everyone to soak up its mix of history, art, yummy food, and lots of culture. It doesn’t matter if you want to enjoy a tasty snack, look up at old buildings, or check out famous artists’ work, Coyoacan gives you a real feel of Mexico’s different and exciting heritage.

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