Cafes Mexico City: Local Favorites and Hidden Gems

Mexico City is a culinary paradise. Here you will find from the most traditional gastronomy to the most avant-garde dishes. The same goes for coffee! Mexico is a 100% coffee country that breathes, lives, and feels coffee in its veins.

-Do you want to know the best cafes where you can work or study the language of the country you are in?
-Where are they?
-How to get there?
-What are their specialty in coffees?

Get ready to know some cafes in Mexico City that will make you not only wake up, but think that you are sleeping in a coffee paradise!


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Cafes Mexico City: Our Top Places (Local favs and Hidden gems)

Tired of Starbucks and Tim Hortons? Are you tired of the same old coffee shops to work or meet people? Well, here are some great coffee options recommended by locals! Enjoy, and may the coffee always be with you❤️

Curva Cafe

This place is located in downtown Mexico City and serves one of the most delicious coffees I have ever tasted. This cafe also has an impressive variety in its bakery; be sure to try their delightful chocolatín and affogato. These, for me, are great specialties that make this cafe a hidden gem in Mexico City.


Babuin Cafe

Another hidden gem of a cafe in Mexico City, this cafe is perfect for breakfast, conversation, and work remotely. Their coffee and chai latte are the most delicious drinks here. The staff is very friendly, even with merchandise such as t-shirts, stickers, and key chains!


Amargo Cafe

This beautifully decorated cafe is in a quiet, picturesque area that will make you believe you are in a magical town. Their coffee prepared with a French press is exquisite, and their avocado toast and food are very tasty. This cafe is very good if you want to come to work or study; it is a quiet, hidden place to be in peace. In addition, many cafes are just as delicious in the surrounding area. For example:



If, like the previous cafe, you like secret places, away from the noise, and very nice places to work or talk, you will love this coffee shop. In Efímero café, you can have a delicious croque madame for breakfast and a delicious coffee.

As in all the cafes we have mentioned, their variety of drinks is very good, and their breads are also tasty. In addition, next to the cafe is a very tasty ice cream shop; you can sit outside and have an ice cream and accompany it with a great coffee.


Rutas Cafe

It is a very special and curious cafe since cyclists meet here, and you can even take your bike to get it fixed. Their coffee and breakfasts are very tasty, and the atmosphere is very sporty. You can buy things for your bike or sports equipment while enjoying a delicious breakfast. Check out our bike tour in the city!


Paradigma ☕

A small, simple place with spectacular drinks, Paradigma Cafe is a must-stop if you are in Colonia Roma. Their mocha and chocolate drinks are a true marvel. The service is very good, and the atmosphere is perfect for having a great time. Check out our tour in the Roma and Condesa neighborhoods!


Conejo Rojo

This place is special because one of its characteristics is its cute hostess, Wanda, a very affectionate and adorable doggie. Besides spending time with Wanda, you can taste coffee directly from the state of Veracruz and smell its wonderful aroma when it is being roasted.

The coffee and burritos are delicious, and the bohemian atmosphere is very pleasant. There are clothing bazaars, music, and convivial gatherings where you can also try craft beer. I would like to give a special mention to some cafes nearby like:


Cafe del Viajero ☕

If you are looking for a place that is a coffee shop, travel agency, meeting place, and language club, this cafe is for you! If you’re craving breakfast and a place to have delicious cold drinks, cafe del viajero is an excellent choice. Its two locations (Narvarte and Escandón) are great for meeting people and escaping the hustle and bustle of the city.


Terracotta Cafe

One of the best places to eat spectacular artisan bread is here. Terracota Cafe is a cafe where you can try fantastic bread and a variety of truly fascinating coffee and non-coffee drinks. It’s one of my favorite cafes in Mexico City.


Orquídea Cafe

A fancy and cozy cafe in La Condesa where you can eat gluten-free bread and coffee. Their variety of sugar-free-focused food is fabulous, as is their cappuccino, matcha, and taro tea. It is a place where you will feel at home in your living room and will make you spend a relaxed and very comfortable afternoon. Shout out to Matcha Mio, a matcha-specialized shop in Mexico City!



Finally, a small cafe that has become a classic—I’m talking about Cleotilde Cafe. There are two locations (Escandón and San Miguel Chapultepec), but if you want to go to work and sit longer, the San Miguel one is the best option. The Escandón is more of a takeaway experience, but definitely, if you have the opportunity to try their coffee and cornbread, do it! You won’t regret it.


What is the coffee passport?

In Mexico, local coffee shops have begun to be promoted to support the country’s farmers, roasters, tasters, and baristas. This promotion began to be carried out using a coffee passport. In it, locals and foreigners can get a guide to different cafes in Mexico City to visit and get promotions. With this passport, you can take it to the cafes that appear in it and get it stamped or get stickers to collect them and get discounts.

cafes mexico city
Pasaporte del Cafe (Coffee Passport)

How to get your coffee passport

You can go directly to any coffee shop in Mexico City (you should check or ask if they are part of the passport program) and buy it for $125. In the passport, there are cafes in different neighborhoods in Mexico City, from the famous La Roma-Condesa corridor to iconic neighborhoods such as Narvarte and Colonia del Valle, among others.

coffe passport
Stamped passport

Another advantage of the passport is that the address of the establishments is shown on it, and you can personalize it as you wish. However, not all cafes offer promotions or only work on your first visit. Having it is one of the best ways to get to know delicious coffee shops in Mexico City and try unique and authentic signature coffees.

coffee shops in mexico city
Personalize your passport!

Coffee Tradition in Mexico

The coffee came to Mexico in the 1700s, and indigenous people started growing it using traditional methods such as growing it in the shade. Coffee wasn’t very popular initially, but now it’s an essential part of what Mexicans eat and drink. The first coffee shop in Mexico opened in Mexico City in the 1800s. Since then, coffee has become a big part of Mexican culture and economy.

Throughout Mexico, coffee is a fundamental part of the daily lives of most Mexicans and is also part of Mexican culture. For example, it is very typical to go out with friends and ask for a cup of coffee, always accompanied by bread or cake. Also, before going to work, many people on their way to the office buy coffee and bread from vendors who ride bicycles and carry their baskets of bread and soluble coffee.

Also, if you don’t like coffee, you can ask the vendors for atole and a guajolota (tamale with bolillo). The latter is very typical of Mexico City. There is also café de olla (pot coffee), a traditional drink made with piloncillo. You must try it whenever you are in a magical town in Mexico or a foggy place, like a forest.

Why is Mexico City perfect for discovering cafes?

Definitely, Mexico City is a must for every coffee lover. In this place, coffee is an art and a symbol of vanguard. Wherever you go, you will find a different vibe and different types of Mexican coffee. From Chiapas, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Guerrero and many more.

You will always find unique and memorable places to drink coffee in such a diverse city with people worldwide. The love of coffee is international, and its smell is the most precious perfume of all. The truth is that in Mexico City, you can find cafes everywhere.

You will see cheap coffee shops and even signature cafes everywhere you turn. In this city, coffee is sacred, and art and culture are present in the lives and hearts of all the chilangos (inhabitants of Mexico City). If you are a coffee lover looking for a city where you will not stop to visit beautiful cafes and taste spectacular coffee, come to Mexico City!

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