What is pulque and its history?

Pulque is a special Mexican drink made from the fermented sap of the maguey plant. It has a long history, going back to ancient times with the Aztecs and Toltecs. For these ancient cultures, pulque wasn’t just a drink. They thought it was sacred and used it in religious ceremonies. The maguey plant was very important to them, and its sap was seen as a gift from the gods.

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People would gather the sap, called aguamiel, and let it ferment to make pulque. This drink was part of parties and ceremonies and was even believed to have special healing powers.

In the time of the Aztecs, pulque was essential. It was connected to Mayahuel, the goddess of the maguey plant. People from all backgrounds drank it, which is a big part of their culture. Pulquerías, where people made and sold pulque, became places for community and sharing stories.

Even though pulque became less popular when other drinks like beer arrived, it’s returning strong now. Although its production and importance have changed over time, its story lives on. Today, pulque remains a symbol of Mexican heritage and tradition, enjoyed by locals and admired by visitors seeking a taste of history and culture.

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Maguey Plantation

What is a curado?

A “curado” is a delightful and flavored version of pulque, adding extra zest and taste to this ancient Mexican drink. To make a curado, mix pulque with fruit juices, herbs, or chili peppers. This adds exciting flavors to the usual pulque, making it more refreshing and enjoyable.

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Curados come in many different flavors, like pineapple or strawberry, and some unique ones, too, like oatmeal or celery. This gives you many tasty options to try and enjoy when exploring different kinds of pulque.

Pulque of Different Flavors (curados)

Pulque Process

Creating pulque is an ancient and mystical art deeply rooted in Mexican culture. It begins with the maguey plant, like an immense succulent treasure in Mexico. They gather the “piña,” the heart of the maguey, and collect its sweet sap, known as “aguamiel.”

You must let the sap ferment in big containers for several days to weeks. When it ferments, the sugars in the aguamiel turn into alcohol naturally. That’s how pulque gets its slightly tangy taste and fizzy bubbles.

Once the fermentation is complete, you can enjoy your delicious pulque! Its taste is somewhat unique, offering a slightly sour yet slightly sweet flavor with a touch of earthiness. For centuries, most of the Mexican population, has loved this milky-white and somewhat thick liquid, embodying the cultural heritage and time-honored customs of Mexico.

Learn with us about the production of pulque

Which are the states that have pulque (the best one)?

Pulque production is traditionally popular in several states in Mexico known for their rich cultivation of the maguey plant. States like Hidalgo, Tlaxcala, Puebla, and the State of Mexico are famous for their excellent pulque.

Each region might offer pulque with distinctive flavors and characteristics, influenced by the maguey variety and the unique fermentation methods passed down through generations. These spots celebrate the craft of making pulque, highlighting this age-old drink’s different and genuine flavors.

Where to find pulquerías in Mexico?

Here are some of the best places to try the ancient drink of the gods:

Mexico City

In Mexico City, there are several pulquerías (places where pulque is sold) that offer a fantastic experience if you are seeking to taste this traditional drink. Some famous places include La Nuclear, La Burra Blanca, El Templo de Diana, La Paloma Azul, and La Hija de los Apaches.

These places offer a real experience to enjoy pulque, usually with vibrant vibes, sometimes with music or fun activities. Visiting these pulquerías in Mexico City isn’t just about drinking pulque; it’s like diving into Mexico’s culture and social scene.

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La Hija de los Apaches, Pulquería

State of Mexico

In the State of Mexico, particularly around areas like Toluca, Metepec, or Texcoco, you can discover numerous pulquerías offering an authentic taste of this traditional drink. Adittionally, you can find some cool pulquerías like La Hija del Pueblo in Toluca, La Ruta de Don Porfirio in Metepec, and El Zacapense in Texcoco. These places offer a friendly vibe where you can have pulque and also experience the local traditions and culture of the State of Mexico.


In Tlaxcala, you can explore several pulquerías that offer an authentic experience of this traditional beverage.

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You can check out spots like La Bendición and La Misión in the capital city of Tlaxcala. Also, you’ll find other pulquerías in different towns and neighborhoods across the state. Each place has its vibe and lets you enjoy pulque in a traditional setting.

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Get acquainted with the rich history of Tlaxcala


In Puebla, you can discover different places to experience the authentic taste of pulque. Some notable pulquerías in Puebla City include La Pasita, La Hidalgo, and La Ruta de Don Porfirio.

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Also, exploring the city and its neighborhoods might lead you to other hidden gems offering this traditional drink. These places mix local culture with the long story of pulque, allowing you to really get into this classic Mexican drink.

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La Pasita Bar, Puebla


In Hidalgo, particularly in Pachuca, you can explore various pulquerías that offer a taste of this traditional drink. Some popular spots include El Templo de Diana, La Hortaliza, and La Chilindrina, where you can try some pulque in a traditional setting while discovering and appreciating the curious local culture.

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