Artists in Mexico: The Soul of a Nation Through Art

Are you an art lover in general and interested in learning more about artists in Mexico? This country has great artists in painting, cinema, literature and music.

Who are these characters?
Where are they from?
What recommendations do we have to know them better?

Explore and learn with us about Mexican artistic talent. When you visit Mexico, you will already know different facts about some of its greatest national stars!


Cinema (Filmmakers)🎬

Before starting this artistic journey, I have to be clear that my list of top artists in Mexico is merely subjective and it’s only my point of view. Saying this, let’s start our colorful and interesting adventure!

Carlos Enrique Taboada:

He was born on July 18, 1929, in Mexico City, Mexico. He was an Ariel Award-winning Mexican film director and writer. Also, he is one of the best artists in Mexico in the horror and suspense genre.

Recommended films: “Hasta el viento tiene miedo” (Even the Wind is Afraid), “El Libro de Piedra” (The Book of Stone), and “Veneno para las Hadas” (Poison for Fairies). Taboada directed these movies, known for their gripping stories and spooky vibes, showing to the world his remarkable impact on Mexican horror cinema. Taboada proved his knack for making thrilling and scary tales, earning him respect as an important name in Mexican movies, especially in the spooky genre.

A curious fact about Taboada: He was a prolific director and screenwriter, notably recognized for his exceptional work in horror films. His dedication to crafting gripping narratives within the horror genre significantly impacted Mexican cinema, earning him a respected place among filmmakers known for creating spine-chilling and memorable cinematic experiences.

Juan López Moctezuma:

He was a Mexican film director, producer, actor, and radio broadcaster who played an important role in the birth of Mexican television.

Notable films directed by Moctezuma include “Alucarda, la hija de las tinieblas” (Alucarda, Daughter of Darkness), “La Mansión de la Locura” (House of Madness), and “Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary.” These movies are special because they tell stories bravely and differently. They show how Moctezuma liked to do things differently, especially in scary and experimental films.

A curious fact about Moctezuma: He has a distinctive style and an interest in exploring psychological and supernatural themes in his films. He especially saw things and liked to try new things in movies. That’s why people thought he was a different and interesting director in the scary and experimental movie world.

Guillermo del Toro:

Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Guillermo del Toro is a famous filmmaker who has made exceptional contributions to Mexican cinema.

Recommended films directed by Del Toro include “El laberinto del fauno” (Pan’s Labyrinth), “Cronos,” and “El espinazo del diablo” (The Devil’s Backbone). These movies show how good Del Toro is at telling stories and making things look great on screen. They mix up stories about fantasy, scary stuff, and old stories in a way that people really like.

A curious fact about Del Toro: He won an Academy Award and is famous for his amazing way of telling stories. Del Toro creates fantastic worlds that mix folklore, horror, and fairy tales. People love how unique his movies are.

cinema in mexico
Guillermo del Toro

Emilio “El Indio” Fernández:

Born in Sabinas, Coahuila, Emilio “El Indio” Fernández was a multifaceted artist known for his remarkable contributions to Mexican cinema.

Recommended films directed by Fernández include “María Candelaria,” “Salón Victoria,” and “La Perla” (The Pearl). People love his movies for telling really touching stories. They show how good Fernández was at capturing what life and culture in Mexico are like.

A curious fact about “El Indio” Fernández:

He didn’t only direct movies; he also acted and wrote scripts. He was super important in the Golden Age of Mexican movies and had a big impact on the film world. Fernández’s movies show exactly what Mexican culture is like. People really value how he shared all the cool and diverse traditions of Mexico in his films.

mexico films
Emilio El Indio Fernández and Marylin Monroe

Alfonso Cuarón:

Born in Mexico City, Alfonso Cuarón is a famous Mexican filmmaker. One of the best artists in Mexico in the cinematography area.

Recommended films directed by Cuarón include “Y tu mamá también,” “Crimen del padre Amaro,” “Gravity,” and “Children of Men.” These movies display Cuarón’s exceptional directorial talent and his ability to craft emotionally engaging stories across diverse genres.

A curious fact about Cuarón: He is an Academy Award-winning director known for his innovative filmmaking techniques and immersive storytelling. Cuarón’s talent lies in making movies that deeply connect with people’s feelings, making him a big name in filmmaking.

artists in mexico
Alfonso Cuarón in Venezia

Arturo Ripstein

Born in Mexico City on December 13, 1943, Arturo Ripstein is a filmmaker who made significant contributions to Mexican cinema.

Recommended films directed by Ripstein include “El Castillo de la Pureza” (The Castle of Purity), “La Tía Alejandra” (Aunt Alejandra), and “El Lugar Sin Límites” (The Place Without Limits). These films by Ripstein tell bold stories that make you think, challenging how society sees things.

A curious fact about Ripstein: He started his career assisting the renowned Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel. Ripstein is known for bravely showing social taboos, winning many awards, and becoming a significant filmmaker in Latin America and beyond. These filmmakers made a lasting impact on Mexican movies. They showed something special with their own styles and ways of telling stories.

artists in mexico
Arturo Ripstein

Music (Singers & Songwriters)🎵

Mexico is a country where, apart from soccer, music is an essential part of every Mexican’s life. Music has fantastically connected with this land since its variety is so wide, that there is no room for all the amazing artists that Mexico has given. That is why I will give you only five artists to encourage you to get to know the wonderful world of Mexican culture and music:

Lola Beltrán:

Born in Rosario, Sinaloa, Lola Beltrán was a singer who gave influential contributions to traditional Mexican music.

Best-known songs performed by Beltrán include “Cucurrucucú Paloma,” “Paloma Negra,” and “Si Dios me quita la vida.” These songs showcase her exceptional vocal talent and emotional delivery, solidifying her legacy in ranchera and mariachi music genres.

A curious fact about Beltrán: She earned the nickname “La Grande de Sinaloa” and became a prominent figure in traditional Mexican music, renowned for her powerful voice and deeply emotional performances. Her contributions to ranchera and mariachi genres left a lasting impact on Mexican music and culture.

Juan Gabriel:

Born in Parácuaro, Michoacán, Juan Gabriel was a prolific singer-songwriter. A Mexican gem for Mexican music. He is one of the best artists in Mexico in history!

Notable songs composed and performed by Juan Gabriel include “Amor Eterno,” “Querida,” and “Hasta Que Te Conocí.” These songs stand as enduring classics, showcasing his remarkable talent for crafting emotionally resonant and beloved melodies.

A curious fact about Juan Gabriel: Often referred to as “El Divo de Juárez,” he was a versatile musician who had a lovely style and captivating stage presence. Juan Gabriel’s heartfelt songs and diverse music made him an iconic figure in Mexican music. He left a lasting impact on the music world and charmed audiences around the globe.

artists in mexico
Juan Gabriel, a Famous Mexican Singer

Lucha Villa:

Born in Ciudad Camargo, Chihuahua, Lucha Villa was a revered singer known for her influential contributions to traditional Mexican music.

Popular songs performed by Villa include “La Media Vuelta,” “Que Bonita Es Mi Tierra,” and “No Discutamos.” These songs are beloved classics in the ranchera genre, showing her powerful vocals and emotional delivery.

A curious fact about Lucha Villa: Known for singing ranchera music, she mesmerized crowds with her strong and emotional performances of traditional Mexican songs. Her unique voice made her one of Mexico’s beloved singers.

Pedro Infante:

Born in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Pedro Infante was an iconic figure revered for his contributions to Mexican cinema and music.

Notable songs performed by Infante include “Cien años,” “Amorcito Corazón,” and “Qué te ha dado esa mujer.” These songs remain beloved classics in Mexican music, showcasing Infante’s exceptional vocal talent and emotional depth.

A curious fact about Infante: He was an influential figure in Mexican cinema’s Golden Age, acclaimed for his charismatic performances. Additionally, Infante was a beloved singer whose captivating presence and versatile performances contributed significantly to Mexico’s cultural heritage, earning him a lasting place in the hearts of audiences across generations.

artists in mexico (golden age cinema)
“Dos Tipos de Cuidado”, Mexican Golden Age Film

Armando Manzanero:

Born in Mérida, Yucatán, Armando Manzanero was a prolific composer and singer celebrated for his significant contributions to Latin American music.

Best-known songs composed and performed by Manzanero include “Contigo Aprendí,” “Adoro,” and “Somos Novios.” These timeless melodies stand as iconic romantic ballads, showcasing Manzanero’s exceptional talent for crafting emotionally resonant music.

A curious fact about Manzanero: He was an important figure in Latin American music, famous for his romantic songs and lasting music. Manzanero gained worldwide recognition, making him a highly respected and influential personality in Latin American music history.

music singers in mexico
Armando Manzanero

José Alfredo Jiménez:

Born in Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato, José Alfredo Jiménez was a revered composer recognized for his profound influence on Mexican music.

Notable songs written by Jiménez include “El Rey,” “Amanecí en tus Brazos,” and “Ella.” These songs stand as enduring classics in the ranchera genre, renowned for their heartfelt lyrics and emotional depth.

A curious fact about Jiménez: He’s often seen as one of the best ranchera composers, making a big impact on Mexican music. Jiménez’s songs really connected with people because they were honest and showed real life, making him super famous in Mexican music history. These singers and songwriters made a big mark in Mexican music, each adding something special to the country’s rich musical history with their own voices, songs, and performances.


We all know the works and history of Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera. However, more artists in Mexico are not as well known as them and are worth admiring for their style, stories, and images full of Mexican pride and tradition.

María Izquierdo

Born in San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco, María Izquierdo was a trailblazing female artist who made significant contributions to Mexican art.

Notable paintings by Izquierdo include “Autorretrato con Niña,” “La Nana,” and “Naturaleza Muerta con Elotes.” These artworks exhibit her unique artistic style, blending traditional Mexican folk art with modernist elements.

A curious fact about Izquierdo: She was a pioneering figure in the Mexican art scene, recognized for her distinctive artistic approach. Izquierdo’s contributions played a crucial role in the Mexican muralism movement, where her unique blend of traditional Mexican art with modernist elements left a lasting impact on the art world and contributed significantly to the country’s cultural heritage.

Cristóbal de Villalpando

Born in Mexico City, Cristóbal de Villalpando was a Baroque painter celebrated for his significant contributions to Mexican colonial art.

Best-known paintings by Villalpando include “La Asunción de la Virgen,” “San Ignacio de Loyola,” and “Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe.” These artworks have religious themes and Villalpando’s skillful use of perspective, showcases his mastery as a Baroque artist.

A curious fact: He was a prominent figure in the Baroque movement. He was known for his intricate religious paintings that contributed significantly to the development of Mexican colonial art. Villalpando’s use of perspective and artistic vision marked him as significant in Mexican art history.

artists in mexico
The Sorrowful, Cristóbal de Villalpando

Aurora Reyes

Aurora Reyes, born in Coyoacán, was celebrated for her murals and significant contributions to Mexican art.

Notable paintings by Reyes include “Retrato de Diego Rivera,” “Flores y Frutas,” and “Vendedora de Frutas.” These artworks showcase her talent in portraying everyday life, featuring vibrant depictions of flowers, fruits, and portraits.

A curious fact about Reyes: She portrayed daily life, social issues, and portraits. Reyes, known for beautiful colors and everyday scenes, mirrored Mexico’s society, making her significant in its art history.

José María Velasco

Born in Temascalcingo, State of Mexico, José María Velasco was a renowned Mexican landscape painter.

Best-known paintings by Velasco include “Valle de México desde el Cerro de Santa Isabel,” “El Valle de México,” and “El Popocatépetl y el Iztaccíhuatl.” These artworks have realistic portrayals of Mexico’s diverse landscapes and geographical features.

A curious fact about Velasco: He became known for his landscape paintings, praised for their depiction of Mexico’s natural beauty. Velasco’s detailed realism in portraying Mexico’s landscapes made his status as a significant figure in Mexican art.

painters in mexico
Jose Maria Velasco’s painting about Oaxaca Church

Jesús de la Helguera

From Chihuahua City, was a celebrated illustrator and painter, making remarkable contributions to Mexican art.

Notable paintings by De la Helguera include “La Leyenda de los Volcanes,” “La Ofrenda,” and “Las Tentaciones de San Antonio.” These artworks have a lot of depictions of Mexican culture, folklore, and indigenous subjects.

A curious fact about De la Helguera: He significantly made popular nationalistic art in Mexico through his illustrations and paintings. Known for romanticized portrayals of Mexican traditions, his artworks became emblematic representations of Mexican culture. These painters left a unique mark on Mexican art through diverse styles, subjects, and contributions to artistic history.

Literature (Writers)📓

Mexico’s rich history and people have inspired exceptional poetry, novels, and stories in its literary landscape. These authors portray a deeper look at the political and social contexts that have occurred in Mexico. These Mexican artists show mysticism, joy, and love, staying with the hearts of thousands.

Laura Esquivel:

Laura Esquivel, born in Mexico City, is an important Mexican author due to her captivating literary works. Indeed, there are a lot of female artists in Mexico!

Her best-known books include “Like Water for Chocolate” (“Como agua para Chocolate”), “The Law of Love” (“La Ley del Amor”), and “Swift as Desire” (“Tan Veloz como el Deseo”). These novels exhibit Esquivel’s unique narrative style, intertwining magical realism with themes of folklore, love, and culinary traditions.

Esquivel gained international acclaim for her distinct literary approach, incorporating magical realism into her novels. Her storytelling skillfully blends elements of Mexican folklore. She shows emotions, and culinary references, captivating readers worldwide.

Elena Garro:

Elena Garro, born in Puebla City, Puebla, was a Mexican writer with a lot of impactful contributions to literature.

Among her notable works are “Los Recuerdos del Porvenir” (“Recollections of Things to Come”), “Andamos Huyendo Lola” (“We’re on the Run, Lola”), and “La Semana de Colores” (“The Week of Colors”). Garro’s literary pieces explore identity, women’s roles, and Mexican society’s complexities through innovative storytelling.

Garro is a prominent figure in Mexican literature, recognized for her experimental narratives and profound exploration of societal themes. Garro explained complex issues, offering insights into Mexican society and women’s challenges in her significant literary works.

mexican writers (mexican literature)
Elena Garro

Juan Rulfo:

Juan Rulfo, born in Sayula, Jalisco, remains a highly influential figure in Mexican literature.

His most renowned books include “Pedro Páramo” and “El Llano en Llamas” (“The Burning Plain”). These works showcase Rulfo’s concise yet impactful storytelling, capturing rural life and Mexican landscapes uniquely.

Readers acclaim Rulfo as one of Mexico’s most influential writers. They praise his talent for vividly portraying rural life and Mexico’s landscapes with a concise, evocative writing style. Critics celebrate his works for their profound literary depth, significantly contributing to the evolution of Mexican literature.

literature in mexico
Juan Rulfo Monument

Rosario Castellanos:

Rosario Castellanos was born in Mexico City, known for her significant literary contributions. Her notable works include “The Book of Lamentations” (“Balún Canán”), “The Eternal Feminine” (“Oficio de tinieblas”), and “The Selected Poems of Rosario Castellanos” (“Poesía no eres tú”).

She was a prominent feminist voice in Mexican literature, tackling social and gender-related concerns through her poetry, essays, and novels. Castellanos’ writings delved into pressing issues within society, especially those concerning the roles and challenges faced by women. Her literary legacy lies in her compelling works that shed light on societal inequalities and the female experience. She is in the broader context of feminist Mexican literature.

Jaime Sabines:

Jaime Sabines, born in Chiapas, was a poet whose work has left a profound impact on Mexican literature.

Among his most recognized works are “Tarumba,” “Yuria,” and “Poemas Sueltos.” Sabines’ writings delve into love, existence, and the human condition, echoing his distinctive poetic voice concisely.

Sabines is an important poet, who has a direct and emotional writing style. His poems explore life, relationships, and human experiences, earning him a significant place in Mexican literary history. These writers contributed unique stories, poetry, and insights, enriching Mexican literature with their diverse perspectives.

libraries in mexico
Reading at Rosario Castellano bookstore


In conclusion, artists in Mexico have contributed immensely to the country’s cultural richness and global artistic landscape.

Mexican artists display heritage through painting, books, music, and film, sharing their diverse talents with the world. Their different styles and stories have made a big mark, making Mexico’s art special and impressing people everywhere. As you can see, the artists in Mexico, are a cultural gem for the world! Comment below: Add artists you’d include, and share those you know, and your thoughts about them!

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