Xochimilco Island of the Dolls History

Step into the intriguing and interesting history of Xochimilco Island of the Dolls! This legend has different versions, but that doesn’t make this story less creepy and sad.

In Mexico, there’s a place in Xochimilco that used to be calm until a guy named Julian made it kind of spooky. The story goes that he started putting up dolls to remember a girl who drowned.

In fact, some said that the doll was in the little girl’s arms when she drowned. Julian tried to save her, but he couldn’t do it. After that horrible episode, he started to dream about the little girl every day.

xochimilco island of the dolls
Creepy dolls in Xochimilco

She told him in his dreams she was going to take him with her to never come back because he didn’t save her. From then on, he started adding more dolls to his house so that the girl could have fun with the dolls and stop bothering him.

The bunch of dolls kept getting bigger, making the place kind of creepy but interesting. As time went on, more dolls joined in, each with its own story. Now, people can check out this special island, surrounded by lots of spooky dolls, and discover the secrets of Xochimilco Island of the Dolls.

When you walk along the canals in Xochimilco, you’ll find a place where stories and real-life mix together. The history of this strange island has sad and mysterious parts, making it a perfect spot to visit if you like weird and beautiful things. Ready to learn more about the interesting past of Xochimilco Island of the Dolls?

xochimilco island of the dolls
Famous creepy dolls welcoming you

Where is it & how to get there?

Xochimilco Island of the Dolls is situated in the famous Xochimilco canals, just south of Mexico City. To reach this unique destination, start by making your way to the Embarcadero Cuemanco, one of the main docking points in Xochimilco.

From there, you can hire a traditional colorful trajinera, a flat-bottomed boat, to navigate the picturesque canals. As you ride on the boat through the water, you’ll see great stuff like floating gardens and lots of markets, like the flower and the food one. Then, you’ll get to the island with hanging dolls.

The journey to Xochimilco Island of the Dolls not only offers a glimpse into the rich culture of the region but also allows you to experience the beauty of the traditional trajineras, which have been used for centuries to traverse the waterways.

Remember, lots of people like to go to the island, so it’s a good idea to visit on weekdays. That way, you won’t have to deal with big crowds and can enjoy the spooky feeling of the place even more.

xochimilco trajinera
Xochimilco Trajinera

Scary Stories of the Island

The Xochimilco Island of the Dolls is one of the most famous legends in this place. People around here think the dolls have the spirit of the girl in them. That’s why some people say the dolls’ eyes follow you, and they might even whisper to each other when it’s quiet at night.

Indeed, people said a lot of rumors about this place. For example, it is said that Julian saw the girl drown, and the first doll he hung was the one the girl had when she drowned.


started putting up dolls in her honor because the girl would appear in his dreams, threatening to take him away. Moreover, it is said that the dolls move on their own at night and come out to play, sing, and dance among nature.

There’s another scary story about Julian’s ghost hanging around the island. Some people say they heard his footsteps or saw his ghost in the trees. Visitors told creepy stories, like dolls moving by themselves and whispering in the trees.

These stories contribute to the island’s reputation as a haunted place, where the boundary between the living and the supernatural seems to blur.

If you’re not sure about spooky stuff or totally believe it, the scary stories about Xochimilco Island of the Dolls make the place even more mysterious. Checking out this special spot isn’t just about seeing interesting things; it’s like going on an adventure into the unknown, where every doll hanging in the trees has a story to tell from a long time ago.

la llorona legend
Enjoy magical nights full of Mexican culture and tradition

Urban Legends of Xochimilco

Definitely, Xochimilco has lots of cool stories from the past, and one famous one is about La Llorona, the Weeping Woman. The story says she’s a spirit who has to walk around the canals looking for her kids. People say they can hear her crying at night, and it gives them a spooky feeling. Locals sometimes talk about seeing her ghost in white by the water.

Nahuales (skin-walkers) are like shape-shifters in Mexican stories, and they’re part of the mysterious tales in Xochimilco. Some locals think some people can turn into animals, maybe to do tricky stuff or talk to spirits. Hearing stories about meeting Nahuales makes the magical feeling in Xochimilco even more interesting.

Beyond La Llorona and Nahuales, Xochimilco is said to be home to other fantastical creatures. Such creatures can be the elves, small, mischievous spirits associated with the natural world.

According to legend, these beings can be both benevolent and troublesome, depending on how they are treated. Locals often share stories of encountering them in the green parts and other areas around the canals.

All these stories add to the interesting history of Xochimilco. It’s like a place where old stories, made-up ones, and mysteries all come together. It doesn’t matter if you’re checking out the canals in the daytime or walking around the paths at night, hearing about La Llorona, Nahuales, and other magical creatures makes Xochimilco even more fascinating.

xochimilco mexico city
Admire and discover the greatest legends and myths of Xochimilco


So, to sum it up, Xochimilco Island of the Dolls is like a living storybook where creepy tales and weird charm come together in Mexico.

When people go on the canals, they see lots of dolls with stories, making the place feel kind of strange in a cool way. From starting as a tribute to a drowned girl to having dolls that might whisper, the history of this special island is really one of a kind. If you’re visiting Mexico City, don’t forget to explore Xochimilco Island of the Dolls!

Xochimilco Island of the Dolls has become a must-visit destination for those seeking more than just picturesque landscapes. It’s a place where the past lingers in the air, and every doll hanging from the trees seems to carry a piece of the island’s and Mexico’s enigmatic history.

If you like scary stories, pretty views, or learning about different cultures, going to Xochimilco Island of the Dolls will be a really awesome experience. Just jump into this strange world, check out the mysteries, and enjoy the interesting vibe of Xochimilco Island of the Dolls!

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