5 Underrated Destinations In Mexico

Embark on a journey through Mexico's underrated destinations, where the magic of turquoise waters, ancient ruins, and impressive cities await you.

Escape the crowds and uncover hidden treasures in five off-the-beaten-path locations, offering unforgettable encounters with Mexico's wild-at-heart spirit.



Mexico is a land where turquoise waters lap sugar-soft shores, ancient ruins whisper tales of civilizations past, and bustling cities pulsate with vibrant energy. But beyond the well-trodden
tourist trails, a tapestry of hidden treasures await intrepid explorers. Ditch the crowds and delve into these five underrated destinations, each promising an unforgettable encounter with Mexico’s untamed spirit.

Oaxaca Food Tour
Monte Alban Pyramid in Oaxaca

Bacalar: Lagoon of Seven Colors – Where Tranquillity Meets Adventure

Imagine this with us, if you will for a moment: kayaking across a lagoon so mesmerizing, that its crystal-clear waters shift through seven distinct hues. Sounds unreal? Well, maybe yes, but if you allow your imagination to run wild, you too will be able to see such sights.

Dive into Bacalar, nicknamed the “Lagoon of Seven Colors,” where chilling out meets adventure. Bask on sun-drenched beaches, explore cenotes teeming with exotic fish, or kayak through vibrant mangrove forests. History hunters can delve into the Mayan ruins of Ek Balam, while adrenaline junkies can rappel down waterfalls hidden within the jungle canopy.

riviera maya cenote tour
Magical Sunset in Bacalar, Mexico

Transportation Options and Price of Transfers

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Mazunte: Bohemian Paradise where Turtles Rule the Coast

Trade in glitzy resorts for bohemian beach vibes in Mazunte, a haven for surfers, sun-seekers, and nature enthusiasts. Imagine days spent riding turquoise waves, basking on golden sands, and evenings filled with candlelit dinners and live music.

Mazunte’s heart beats to the rhythm of the Pacific Ocean, and its soul embraces sustainability. Volunteer at a turtle sanctuary, witness hatchlings embarking on their journey to the sea, and revel in the laid-back atmosphere that defines this coastal gem.

Planning Pro-Tip: Consider car rentals for exploring beyond Mazunte’s charming streets. Venture north to discover hidden coves and pristine beaches, or head south to the bohemian enclave of Zipolite. Remember, car seats are available from most rental companies, ensuring the safety of your little adventurers.

destinations in mexico (mazunte, oaxaca)
Sunset at Mazunte, Oaxaca

San Luis Potosí: Where Surrealism Meets Colonial Charm

Escape the beach scene and delve into the heartland’s magic. San Luis Potosí, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, enthralls with its colonial architecture, vibrant plazas, and a touch of the unexpected.

Wander cobbled streets lined with pastel-colored buildings, explore hidden courtyards bursting with bougainvillea, and marvel at the baroque splendor of the Templo del Carmen. But the real gem lies just outside the city: Las Pozas, Edward James’ surrealist sculpture garden, where whimsical creations emerge from the lush jungle canopy.

Insider’s Tip: For a truly unique experience, consider a hot air balloon ride over the surreal sculptures of Las Pozas. Imagine drifting above the jungle, witnessing the sunrise paint the sculptures in a magical light. Pre-booking is essential, especially during peak season.

destinations in mexico
Huasteca Potosina in San Luis Potosi

Exploring Further:

ActivityDistance from San Luis
Estimated Travel Time
Grutas de Tolantongo120 km2 hours
Real de Catorce170 km3 hours
Cascadas de Tamul220 km4 hours

Travel Hack:

While exploring San Luis Potosí, consider purchasing a “Pase Turístico,” a discounted pass offering access to multiple museums and attractions.

Copper Canyon: Nature’s Grandiose Spectacle

Forget the Grand Canyon; witness nature’s grandeur unfold in Mexico’s awe-inspiring Copper Canyon. Imagine plunging six times deeper than its Arizona counterpart, carved by rushing rivers and adorned with cascading waterfalls.

Traverse dramatic landscapes by train, hike through verdant valleys teeming with unique flora and fauna, and rappel down sheer cliffs for an adrenaline rush. This is Mexico’s wild soul laid bare, waiting to be explored by adventurous spirits.

copper canyon tour
The Chepe Train in Chihuahua

Adventure Awaits:

Chepe Train Ride6-8 hoursScenic
Urique Suspension Bridge Hike4-5 hoursModerate
Basaseachi Falls RappellingHalfdayIntermediate

Safety First: When engaging in adventurous activities, ensure you have proper equipment and guides. Reputable tour operators in Copper Canyon offer guided rappelling expeditions with safety measures in place.

Oaxaca: City of Flavors and Fiesta Frenzy

Mexico’s culinary heart beats in Oaxaca, a city where ancient culinary traditions collide with modern innovation. Imagine wandering bustling markets overflowing with exotic ingredients, savoring melt-in-your-mouth moles, and sipping smoky mezcal cocktails.

Beyond the feast for your senses, Oaxaca bursts with cultural gems. Explore pre-Columbian ruins like Monte Albán, marvel at the intricate baroque facades of colonial churches, and immerse yourself in
the vibrant local festivals.

Just like that, we reach the inevitable end of our Mexican dream trip. The country, with a diverse landscape and (mostly) friendly people is a place you should be sure to visit, if only once during your limited time on this planet. To ensure that that trip is as smooth and comfortable as possible, significantly reducing the worry of delays or getting lost, book an airport taxi transfer and enjoy the trip.

Happy Travels!

gay friendly mexico destinations
Zipolite Beach in Oaxaca

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