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Planning a solo adventure? Fear not! Once in a lifetime, we need to connect deeply with ourselves.

For instance, one of our readers was encouraged to follow some of our solo travel tips and came on a solo adventure with us! Have a look at our review 😀

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So, by seeing this, we are happy to share with you some solo travel ideas to enjoy the experience of finding yourself. 💙

Let’s dive right in…

Solo Travel Importance

Firstly, I would like to share with you my personal experience and how it really made me change my mind about solo traveling.

«When you solo travel you want to feel safe at any moment and at any time. Due to this fact, I was wondering if it was worth traveling alone to Puebla.

Indeed, I was thinking about the traveling hours, and if I may be able to enjoy the trip without anyone else by my side. Nevertheless, one of the best tips my father once told me was that I have to be open-minded in every place I go. Definitely, attitude matters a lot every time you travel by yourself.

I can also tell that I really enjoyed solo travel because it was a way to take advantage of my own time and appreciate the different lovely views more relaxedly.

Also, I traveled with the necessary things that all solo travel lover needs: a swimsuit, cell phone, cash (extremely important), and some personal lunch, not everyone during a trip or tour eats at the same time as you.

It was a moment where I really appreciated everything that surrounded me while I was in contact with Mother Nature. Indeed, encouraging myself to live this experience and be in touch with myself for a while, was one of the best experiences ever».

Solo Travel Benefits and Advantages

To be alone is also to go to the end of oneself by being free from the judgment of others. In other words, step completely out of your comfort zone.

This experience is to face new situations, without anyone’s help. Indeed, far from family members or friends, there is no one to rely on. Therefore, you have to make the right decisions and face the unknown. In other words, get out of your comfort zone completely. Take the opportunity to live new experiences!

A great benefit of solo travel…

is that you can feel freedom in every place you go. It is a very different experience to discover a new place by yourself. As we mentioned before, having your own time to eat, to take some photographs and to stroll for all the hours that you want, is an amazing advantage.

Meeting new people, taking responsibility for yourself, gaining self-confidence, and saving money are other reasons to choose solo traveling as a travel option. At least once in a lifetime, you need to try this type of adventure!

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Solo Travel Tips and Solo Travel Ideas

Traveling alone means you have more things to think about and stay safe. About 67% of solo travelers say staying safe is important. It’s super important to avoid making simple mistakes, like packing too much stuff. Here are some important tips for packing if you’re traveling alone:

Tip 1: Pack Only the Necessary

Whenever we go on a trip, the excitement keeps us awake at night. However, we must not let that excitement make us forget to arrange our things to avoid future problems.

It is important to know how many days you will be away and to take into account the clothes you need, as it is very common to have problems at airports due to excess clothes in your suitcase.

Besides, whenever we go on a trip alone, we always want to bring back memories for our friends and family. So it is important to always have space in your suitcases to be able to return with the necessary things.

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Tip 2: Carry a Charger (Powerbank)

When we are alone and away from home, we want to have our loved ones close by. Therefore, carrying a charger to contact them and show them our photos is indispensable for our solo travels.

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Homesick always appears in those moments, but keeping in touch with your family and friends will make you feel like you are not alone wherever you may be.

Tip 3: Ask for Emergency Numbers

These emergency lines are created so that all types of the public can access them depending on the type of emergency that exists and also operate immediately. This service is free of charge and can be accessed at any time of the year 24/7.

In addition, requesting this type of help is very easy since multiple communication channels have been created, such as telephone lines, applications, and Web pages. Always keep in touch with your relatives so they can have more information about where you are.

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Tip 4: Bring Medication and Buy a Travel Insurance

Health issues will always be very important when traveling alone or with somebody else. However, being prepared in these matters is indispensable since we will not have help from anyone else. When traveling alone, our decisions must be even more concise and accurate.

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Having travel insurance will help to avoid unplanned expenses and medical or pharmaceutical expenses that are often very high in some countries. Also, having travel insurance will be essential to guarantee entry into countries where coverage is mandatory.

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Tip 5: Bring a Selfie Stick

Indeed, one of the saddest parts about solo traveling, is that there will be no one to take pictures with you. Nevertheless, nowadays we can get different devices that may help us with this task.

You can meet different people when you travel who can take some pictures, yet, you will not regret bringing this important device to your solo travel experience!

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Tip 6: Dressing for Comfort

Research destination weather conditions to pack suitable clothing and accessories. Prioritize comfort and protection, especially in extreme weather, to avoid discomfort or health risks.

Bonus: COVID and Travel Insurance-What does the travel insurance cover?

If you’re one of those people already planning their next trip, travel insurance should be one of the first things you should consider. Many people are opting to get travel insurance now more than ever, thanks to the uncertainty caused by the latest COVID-19 pandemic.

Does travel insurance cover COVID-19?

The big question. Unfortunately, while travel insurance covers most natural disasters, pandemic scenarios –like the recent COVID-19 situation– are not covered. Some of the natural disasters that the insurance covers are hurricanes, snowstorms, earthquakes, and other similar events.

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What does travel insurance cover?

1. Trip cancellation coverage ❌

2. Medical coverage ⚕️ 

3. Replacing lost or stolen bags 🛍️ 

4. Car travel 🚗

Can it cover entire families?

Yes, travel insurance is a popular choice for parents simply because it can cover the entire family during the vacation (yes, even the restless younger ones).

MedEvac Insurance

Some companies even offer additional coverage options for your policy that might be worth considering for certain trips.

For example, if you’re an adventure seeker and plan on going hiking or rock climbing, you might want to get a plan that includes medical evacuation. This can be especially useful for athletes who are training under harsh conditions and would like some additional peace of mind.

medical insurance

Final Comments

These tips are your passport to an epic adventure! From packing the necessary to embracing spontaneity, navigating new cultures, and making lifelong connections, we hope this post got you covered.

Remember, be open to new experiences, trust your instincts, and enjoy every moment. Solo travel is not just about the destination; it’s about discovering yourself along the way.

Hopefully, now, you can have some solo travel tips and solo travel ideas that may help you during your trip. We wish you the best. Finally, remember that we will be waiting for you to experience Mexico with us as a solo traveler. Have a nice trip, solo adventurer!

Please do not hesitate to write some other tips that may help other adventurers enjoy and live the greatest experience ever!

Do not be afraid and give yourself some time alone with yourself! Take advantage of the wonder of traveling alone and being in touch with yourself and with every beautiful thing that surrounds you.

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