POSIBLE Experience

Adventurers from all over the world, we are joyful to tell you that Vibe Adventures was part of an important startup accelerator in Mexico: POSIBLE.

If you want to know more about Vibe Adventures and how it is improving every day, please check out our latest news about our company.


The Posible dream came true…

POSIBLE is a program that offers the tools, contacts, and resources necessary to promote innovative entrepreneurship in Mexico.

80 companies were looking to be part of this experience. Nevertheless, there were only 30 at the end of the day.

Among those 30 lucky companies, we are extremely happy to tell you that Vibe Adventures was selected. Furthermore, our company was chosen to go straight to the finals!

vibe adventures posible
Inside Posible Camp

Vibe Adventures reached out for the opportunity to participate in this important startup accelerator in Mexico City.

In fact, this program is part of Fundación Televisa, one of the most important and powerful foundations. It has an association with different hotels, restaurants, big corporations, and television networks.

Here, entrepreneurs come together to share new ideas and partner with other business people or entrepreneurs. All of them looking to make a positive change in the Mexican and international marketplace.

Photograph by Sandra Herrera, coach at POSIBLE Camp.

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