Partnering with WACE and Practera

Hello adventurers! we are glad to share with you that Vibe Adventures is now collaborating with WACE Organization. This a very important step for us as a company to continue providing an excellent service to all of you!

If you want to know more about Vibe Adventures and how it is improving every day, please check out our latest news about our company.


We are thrilled to be partnering with WACE and Practera to participate in a Global Challenge student-industry project program. This program activates a global network of universities and teams of diverse students to assist organizations in advancing initiatives aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Through Pactera’s platform, global student teams undertake online projects to help business, government, and community organizations identify practical ‘Shared Value’ initiatives to create social, environmental, and economic value.

We believe that with this important partnership, we can keep helping the development of local communities by promoting authentic, sustainable, and mind-broadening travel.


It is the only international professional organization that develops, expands, brands, and advocates for cooperative and work-integrated education programs within industry and educational institutions.

The organization’s vision is to be the best international organization linking the world’s leading higher education institutions, employers, and public authorities, all of whom share a profound commitment to preparing new generations for a lifetime of professional success in today’s global and diverse workforce.

Meet the WACE team:


It is a fast-growing experiential education technology and programs company. It helps leading Universities and employers build real-world skills for the jobs of tomorrow.

Practera can work with employers to help systematically engage University student talent with their employees. Also, it can help to develop internal experiential L&D programs. Practera was recently recognized as a ‘Westpac Business of Tomorrow’ and an EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs Asia-Pacific winner.

Partnering with WACE & Practera allows us to make your dreams come true. Always in an authentic, responsible, and sustainable way.

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