Partnering with Local Purse: Sustainable Virtual Shopping Tours

We are very excited to announce that we made a collab with one of the most interesting and innovative platforms that exist nowadays: Local Purse.

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2022 is a year full of new experiences and meaningful partnerships. Now, Vibe Adventures is happy to announce a collaboration with Local Purse to increase sustainability in the travel industry together.

What is Local Purse?

Local Purse is a web-based live video shopping platform that supports professional guides, local artisans, and cultural vendors worldwide by providing you with personalized live video shopping experiences.

The company aims to positively impact local communities (micro tour companies, travel guides, and artisans) by connecting them with the global audience through live video shopping.

During those virtual sessions, local hosts can sell crafts they created with love at fair prices and stir cultural boundaries and stereotypes by teaching international travelers about the culture and traditions they preserve.

Together with Local Purse, we will have a series of incredible virtual shopping experiences in Mexico soon, starting with the virtual tour in Mexico City. Stay tuned!

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