Essential Packing Tips for Solo Travelers

Setting off on a solo adventure? Packing can be a bit complicated, but fear not! In this post, we'll share essential packing tips for solo travelers to make your next solo travel smooth and stress-free.

It doesn't matter if you are an experienced traveler or if it's your first time exploring alone, we've got you covered.

Keep reading and discover the best tips for your next adventure!


Essential Packing Tips for Solo Travelers

Solo travel has gained popularity over the past years for many reasons. Based on recent data from a global survey, online searches for “solo travel” increased by 270% from 2020 to 2022. This is due to the changing motivations and travelers seeking unique experiences. 53% of travelers cited “freedom and independence” as their primary motivation for solo travel, banking on solo travel as a means for self-discovery and exploration.

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However, solo travel can mean more responsibilities and potential mishaps. 67% of solo travelers cite safety as a priority when venturing solo. Some of the key mistakes to avoid when traveling can significantly impact your safety and comfort when abroad, including overpacking and having to pay for the excess weight of your suitcase. In this post, we’ll look at some essential packing tips for solo travelers to ensure your solo adventure is a fun and safe experience:

Choosing the right backpack

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The right bag or backpack can determine your comfort level on your travels. For solo travelers, choosing your gear involves looking at the size and capacity you need, security features such as locking zippers or hidden pockets, and versatility depending on your planned activities. You should ensure your chosen backpack can fit all your travel essentials โ€” such as gadgets and money โ€” and won’t be an oversized hassle to lug around.

Buying a versatile backpack can help you navigate bustling foreign cities and outdoor all-terrain adventures seamlessly. For example, the Oakley Transit Everyday backpack is convenient and portable, featuring mesh-padded shoulder straps for long walks and water-repellent treatment in case you have outdoor detours in mind.

Packing enough power

When traveling solo, it’s essential to keep in touch with friends, family, and loved ones so they know you’re safe and enjoying your soloventures. One of the conveniences afforded by our modern digital lifestyle comes in the form of long-lasting power banks. People can use them to charge laptops, tablets, phones, cameras, and other gadgets you may need on your solo travel.

Opt for power bank brands such as Anker to ensure increased power efficiency and reduced carbon footprint, allowing fast charging on the go. Based on your gadgets, you should also look into capacity range so your power bank has enough juice to power your devices throughout your travels. This is especially important if you think you’ll be out and about and may not spend enough time at your accommodation to charge your devices adequately.

Dressing for comfort

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It’s also crucial to do your research on your solo travel destinations. While this typically includes places to visit and food to try, you should also consider weather conditions. This will help you pack more appropriate clothing and gear, ensuring you only bring the clothes you know will be comfortable.

If you’re planning to travel in the winter, for example, you should focus on dressing for the extreme cold weather instead of sneaking in your new tank top or cotton khakis. Dressing inadequately for winter weather can lead to hypothermia and frostbite, which are unideal conditions when out and about alone. Essential accessories like a scarf or mittens can fit snugly into your backpack or be worn to save luggage space, so pack accordingly.

Mixing cash and cards

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Finally, the ultimate packing essential is unfortunately too often overlooked โ€” money. Traveling costs money; no matter how well you budget and plan, you should always plan your money accordingly. This includes how you pack and store this money while solo traveling. Invest in a travel-friendly wallet with enough compartments for your essential cards and cash. Some wallets also feature RFID blocking to prevent electronic theft.

You should also set aside a small amount of emergency cash, preferably in different currency or traveler’s checks โ€” in case your cards get lost or stolen. Do some research on local digital wallet or mobile payment options so you aren’t entirely reliant on physical cash, and remember not to keep all your money in one place in case of theft or loss.

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