Waterfalls in Mexico: Journey Through Mexico’s Majestic Wonders

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Mexico is a country full of wonders, and natural wonders are one of the most precious things you have to visit at least once in your life.

Why visit the wonderful waterfalls in Mexico?
What are the most beautiful destinations to explore waterfalls in Mexico?
What activities to do there?
What are some stories and legends of these waterfalls in Mexico?

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Welcome to Mexico’s beautiful waterfalls! Mexico has lots of stunning waterfalls in different places like jungles and canyons. They show how amazing nature in Mexico is. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Chiapas or Copper Canyon, you’ll find these waterfalls captivating.

Every waterfall in Mexico is special, attracting people from all over to see how amazing they are. Some waterfalls are loud and powerful, while others are quiet and peaceful. Mexico’s waterfalls offer an amazing adventure into nature. Let’s explore waterfalls in Mexico together, where each waterfall has its own story of beauty and wonder.

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Top destinations to explore waterfalls in Mexico

Vallarta, Jalisco ❤️

In Vallarta, there are amazing waterfalls like Yelapa, Cuale, Palo Maria, and Dos Cataratas. At Yelapa, you can get there by boat or hike through the jungle. You can swim in the pools and enjoy the scenery. Cuale waterfall, in Puerto Vallarta, is pretty peaceful. You can walk along the river, swim, or have a picnic in nature.


Palo Maria waterfall is a secret treasure hidden in the Sierra Madre Mountains. To get there, you need to go on a tough hike through the thick jungle. But it’s worth it! You’ll see amazing views and can swim under the waterfall. Dos Cataratas, which means “Two Waterfalls,” is another pretty place. You can swim in the pools or just look at the waterfalls from far away.

Myths and legends:

Some people say the waterfalls in Vallarta are magical and have special benefits. They believe ancient spirits protect them. Local folks think swimming under the falls can make you feel better and bring good luck. Some even say there are treasures hidden under the water! As you will see, there are a lot of waterfalls in Mexico with amazing stories and curious facts.

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Chiapas 💚

The beautiful state of Chiapas has awesome waterfalls like Misol Ha, La Nubes, El Chorro, El Chiflón, and El Aguacero. Misol Ha is surrounded by lots of green trees. You can swim in the water or take a boat behind the waterfall. La Nubes comes down gently from the mountains, and it’s nice to have a picnic there.


At Chiapas’ waterfalls, nature lovers have plenty of activities to enjoy. You can hike through the forests on trails or try exciting zipline rides. Swim in clear pools, watch the waterfalls, or simply soak in the beauty of nature. Chiapas’ waterfalls offer an unforgettable experience filled with wonder and enchantment.

Myths and legends:

Legends of Chiapas waterfalls are woven with tales of ancient spirits and hidden treasures. Locals whisper stories of mystical guardians (aluxes) protecting these natural wonders and granting blessings to those who respect them. Some say that El Chorro holds the spirit of a maiden who transforms into a waterfall to reunite with her lover, while others speak of hidden caves behind El Chiflón where treasures lie waiting to be discovered.

Additionally, If you are around the Agua Azul Waterfalls, you might as well visit Misol Há. Although you can visit both places on the same day, it is best to dedicate a whole day to each place. By the way, did you know that here was filmed the Arnold Schwarzenegger film ‘Predator’?

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Misol-Ha waterfalls

Oaxaca 💙

Looking for the meaning of paradise? Oaxaca is the definition of it! It is a blessed land with awesome waterfalls like Hierve el Agua, Magicas de Copalitilla, San Miguel, Llano Grande, and Nubes. Hierve el Agua is special because it looks like frozen waterfalls made of rock. You can swim in the pools or see the mountains from above. Magicas de Copalitilla is peaceful. You can swim in the green water and explore the jungle around it.


At Oaxaca’s waterfalls, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re into adventures or just enjoying nature. You can swim, jump off cliffs, hike, or watch birds. Oaxaca’s waterfalls are magical places full of beauty and wonder, promising an unforgettable experience.

Myths and legends:

People say that the waterfalls in Oaxaca have special powers from ancient times. They talk about spirits protecting these places and giving blessings to travelers. Some believe San Miguel waterfall has magic water that can heal you and bring luck. Others say Llano Grande waterfall is a holy spot where people used to do ceremonies for water and fertility gods.

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See unique petrified waterfalls in Hierve el Agua

Mil Cascadas, Taxco 🧡

The magical Mil Cascadas, which means “Thousand Waterfalls,” is a special place hidden in Mexico. People who visit can swim in clear pools, hike through pretty trails with lots of trees, and have picnics in peaceful spots. The beauty of Mil Cascadas is amazing and gives nature lovers and adventurers a really great experience.


Exploring Mil Cascadas is an adventure filled with wonder and enchantment. You can relax by the soothing sounds of cascading waters, feel the rush of adrenaline cliff-jumping into the pools below, or experience the excitement of rappelling down the waterfall cliffs. Mil Cascadas promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of nature’s beauty and mystery.

Myths and legends:

People talk about spirits living in the waterfalls, protecting them strongly, and giving blessings to those who are respectful. Some locals believe that swimming in the waters of Mil Cascadas can make you feel better and bring good luck. Others talk about hidden caves behind the falls where treasures are supposed to be hidden.

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Huasteca Potosina, San Luis Potosi 💛

The state of San Luis Potosi is home to the stunning Huasteca waterfalls in Mexico. Also, it has the Aquismon, Tamu, Tamasopo, Puente de Dios, and Micos Waterfalls. These waterfalls in Mexico are a must-see for every nature lover in the world!

You can try lots of activities, such as swimming in the refreshing pools, hiking along scenic trails, and exploring the lush surrounding forests. Additionally, adventurous souls like you can try rappelling down the waterfall cliffs or try some zipline rides.


You can have a blast swimming in the cool pools, walking on pretty trails, and checking out the green forests. If you’re into thrills, you can also try rappelling down the waterfalls or going on zipline rides.

At Huasteca, you can swim in the clear pools and see the awesome waterfalls. Aquismon is perfect for exciting stuff like rappelling and ziplining. Tamu and Tamasopo are calm spots where you can swim and have picnics.

Puente de Dios has cool stories about glowing beings and amazing rocks, giving you a special feeling. At Micos Waterfalls, you can do fun things like jumping off cliffs into the pools and enjoying the beautiful waterfalls.

Myths and legends:

The legend of Los Seres Luminosos de Puente de Dios (The Luminous Strange Creatures) in La Huasteca Potosina is about magical beings who live in the Puente de Dios, also known as the “Bridge of God,” a big rock formation. People say these glowing beings come out from a cave behind the waterfall, shining a gentle light all around.

These glowing beings are said to be the protectors of Puente de Dios. They watch over its special waters and give blessings to those who come with good hearts. People think they’re ancient spirits connected to nature and have powers we can’t understand.

Though it’s rare to see these glowing beings, some locals and visitors tell stories of seeing them. They say these encounters bring a feeling of amazement and respect, showing how special La Huasteca Potosina is.

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Huasteca Potosina

Veracruz 💜

The incredible state of Veracruz is home to some beautiful waterfalls, including the Cuetzalán and the Elephant Waterfall in Orizaba one. You can enjoy various activities at these stunning natural attractions. Also, you can take a refreshing dip in the cool waters, go hiking along scenic trails, or simply relax and take in the serene surroundings. For adventure seekers, activities like rappelling down the waterfall cliffs or exploring nearby caves offer excitement and thrill.


At the waterfalls in Mexico like The Elephant Waterfall and Cuetzálan, there are lots of activities to enjoy. You can swim in the cool waters and feel the refreshing splash of the falls. Exploring the area around the waterfalls is also fun, with trails offering stunning views of nature’s beauty.

If your are seeking adventure, activities like rappelling down the waterfall cliffs or exploring nearby caves are available. Additionally, you can take guided tours to learn more about the history and legends surrounding these majestic waterfalls.

Myths and legends:

The legend of the Enchanted Cavern of Cuetzálan waterfalls tells the story of Quetzalcóatl, who transformed from a man into a star of the sky by sacrificing himself in a fire. From his ashes, snakes and beautiful birds emerged, with the most beautiful being the quetzal. The quetzal flew across rivers and mountains until it reached Quetzallan (the place of quetzals), where it rested for many years.

The quetzal would manifest itself at the waterfalls or at the entrance of the caves whenever someone crossed the region. People who knew its origin wanted to offer sacrifices, but the quetzal refused. Instead, it asked for a temple to be built in its honor and accepted gold as offerings, as it is a sacred metal. In return, it promised to bless the region with good harvests. However, when the Spanish arrived at Quetzallan seeking its treasures, they found nothing as the quetzal had hidden them in a cave.

Many years later, in 1880, Patricio Martínez set out to find the treasure after receiving a map from a farmer. Accompanied by his servants, they journeyed through hills and valleys until they reached a beautiful waterfall with a quetzal as its emblem. Despite his servants’ unease, Patricio ventured into a cave behind the waterfall and discovered a cave filled with gold.

However, when he attempted to take the gold, the quetzal intervened, warning them of the consequences of greed. As Patricio realized the error of his ways and discarded the gold, the quetzal caused a landslide, burying him but sparing his servants. The legend warns that those who try to steal the sacred gold of Quetzallan will suffer a similar fate.

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Cascada Las Brisas, Cuetzalan
Las Brisas Waterfall in Cuetzalan

Conclusion 🤎

The waterfalls in Mexico are truly amazing! They combine stunning natural scenery, exciting adventures, and intriguing stories. You can explore Chiapas or San Luis Potosi, each waterfall has its own unique tale steeped in legends and local folklore.

You can take a dip in the pools, admire the cascading waterfalls, and wander through the forests, all while discovering the rich cultural heritage that surrounds these enchanting natural wonders. If you’re looking for peace in the calm scenery or an exciting adventure, the waterfalls in Mexico are sure to wow you. Their stunning beauty and magical charm attract travelers from all over to experience the wonders of nature.

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