Affiliate program

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What is the affiliate program?

If you have a blog, are active on social media, and want to promote tours organized by us with your audience, you can earn a 10% commission from each tour that takes place.

How does the affiliate program work?

  1. Apply.
  2. Get a confirmation email, access your (forever free) agent account, and set up payouts.
  3. Input an affiliate link (6-month cookie) from the confirmation email to your blog or social media and start promoting our tour categories or specific tours.
  4. Get paid automatically 14 days after the tour and track your commissions.

Does the affiliate program cost anything?

Nope! For agents, the Rezdy account is totally free + you will get paid a commission from each booking.

How can I promote your tours?

There are many ways to promote our tours and earn commissions: in blog posts, on your website’s sidebar, in social media, in your newsletter, or by emailing friends and family who may be interested, to name a few ideas. Just don’t forget to use your special tracking link provided so you get commissions for all your sales.

ExampleGlobal Gallivanting blog post: